WTF?: Weird Couple Into Adult Breastfeeding Leads One Woman To Quit Her Job

Jennifer Mulford, 36, reportedly quit her job to focus on breast feeding not her child but her 36-year-old boyfriend, Brad Leeson. Mulford wanted to start an “adult breastfeeding relationship” after she read about the bond breastfeeding can create between two people. Read the rest of this story after the jump!

(Photos + Video) Wendy Williams Gets Criticized For Being Against Public Breastfeeding

Wendy Williams is a target yet again. Her mouth seems to forever get her in trouble. During a episode on her show, Wendy and her guest Alyssa Milano went toe to toe about public breastfeeding. Looks like Milano wins as social media is tearing Wendy apart.

(PHOTO) NFL: Dolphins Player’s Girlfriend Causes Uproar After Posting Breastfeeding Pic

Dolphins linebacker Philip Wheeler is upset because fans are attacking his model girlfriend Ashley Nicole.  She posted a picture on Instagram breastfeeding her son and apparently fans don’t like it.  REALLY people?!  This is where we’re at?!  Ridiculous. Philip has his girl’s back & is now firing back at critics.   Hit the jump to see the pic & what he had to say…

A Breast-Related Chick-Fil-A Controversy!?!

Chick-Fil-A, despite it’s good food, has been in the spotlight for a while because of it’s recent controversies. This time, mothers of America have decided to toss their hats in the ring with a campaign almost as outrageous as the Tea Party. Hit the jump to see.

Push For Hospitals To Ban Formula Samples

Across the country new mothers are traditionally given formula samples and other treats for their brand new babies regardless of whether they chose to breastfeed or not. Now breastfeeding advocates are proposing to ban these samples because they are deterrents to new mothers who may have problems with their child latching on to feed. The pros and cons of breastfeeding are well known, but do you agree with this new push of ideals. Click below to read the rest. Funk Flex

( Photo) Snooki Breastfeeding

Relax! Its is not what you think! Snooki has been reported saying she will only be feeding her newborn son Lorenzo breast milk! Well that will save her a whole lot of Jersey Shore money on baby formula! For full details see below. Eloisa Melo

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