Chick-Fil-A, despite it’s good food, has been in the spotlight for a while because of it’s recent controversies. This time, mothers of America have decided to toss their hats in the ring with a campaign almost as outrageous as the Tea Party. Hit the jump to see.

Their goal is to educate diners about a woman’s right to breastfeed in public. So, in their first stride toward legitimate maternal autonomy, 20 of the women decided to stage a “nurse in” at their local Chick-Fil-A. Why Chick-Fil-A? Well, a few days before the 20-woman sit in, one employee of the restaurant asked a nursing mother to “stop.”

The Knoxville, TN mother, Jennifer Day, told ABC news, “Just as I was finishing up, an employee came up and told me other parents were afraid of letting their children play while I was feeding her, especially without a cover.” After this, the woman called up more new mothers, now known as “lactivists” and set up the sit in.


Jamaal Fisher