(18 + Video) WTH?: Girl Gives Neck On The Back Of A Public Bus

Okay, what in the hell is going on today. I guess some people just cant wait to get home or in a intimate setting to please their partners! In a video, we see a girl necking her man off all crazy on a PUBLIC bus! Yes. A place where they are surrounded by people.

(Video) Another One… 17 Connecticut Public Schools Locked Down Under Bomb And Shooting Threats

This seriously needs to stop, like yesterday. Connecticut police reported a call from a gunman himself claiming he was headed to an elementary school armed with a rifle and ready to kill children. Literally a few minutes later, two more calls came in from unidentified sources stating that their were bombs at two high schools as well. The sources were apparently “unverifiable” but no risk were taken as police shutdown seventeen schools near the area.

(Photos) Sooooo.. It Looks Like Lil Wayne & Christina Milian Are Finally Claiming Each Other In Public!

Although we are not stupid, we have not had any stone cold conformation that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian are in a committed relationship with one another. However, it looks like the two are finally starting to claim each other in a public setting. Weezy and Christina Milian were spotted on set for her FOX pilot “The G Word” and the two were reportedly holding hands and acting lovey dovey in person. They took a group photo which had Christina, Lil Wayne, Deion Sanders and Don Rickles all together looking like a happy family. Milian posted the photo onto her Instagram account captioning the photo, “Look who made a cute cameo on my pilot for #TheGWord aka #Grandpa fun times! Life is all about trying new things. #blessed to share the fun! #tunechi #dionsanders #donrickles #tnt Safe to say you’ve never seen this group of men in one picture together @fox.” Although it wasn’t a kissy photo, it’s still proof that the two are involved with one another. WHEN WILL WE SEE SOME SERIOUS PDA?! Sheesh.

(Photos) Air Canada Pilots Get FREE Porn With One Tweet!

Hmmm, Canada is known for being really nice people, but what if Air Canada pilots were watching porn in the cockpit(no pun intended), would you think their nice or nah?

(Caught On Tape) No Chill At ALL! Couple Gets It Poppin’ In BROAD DAY LIGHT At The Park!

A crazy couple was caught on camera doing the nasty at a park in the daytime with tons of people around. That’s skill! Check it out below.

(Video) NBA: Donald Sterling’s GF/Mistress Surfaces In Public — What Is That On Her Face?!

Lol, c’mon.  If she was trying to hide, this was the worst idea ever. V. Stiviano (the woman on the receiving end of Donald Sterling’s racist rant) finally surfaced yesterday outside of her L.A. home … with her face hidden behind a weird visor mask thingy. Check out what it looks like & what it is…

Alert: Google Glass Open To The Public in The Morning!!

I will say this, if you are NOT committed to understanding how technology gets ‘figured out’, understanding that it’s NOT going to be the device you think is going to change your life as soon as you get it, then it’s NOT for you, But if you DO understand you would be apart of an limited group of people(Explorers) that will help bring this to market the way the general public will love it, then please go right ahead!!!!

Sports: Man Sues NFL Over Super Bowl Tickets

Sorry fans, it is what it is.  Super Bowl tickets will cost you.  That’s why most fans watch it from a remote location, but who knows maybe this will help us regular folk?!  A man is suing the NFL for not offering enough Super Bowl tickets to the public.  Report after the jump…

(Video) Some Facts About The Twitter IPO That Will Make You Want To Buy Stock!!!

I think I’m gonna go ahead and get in on this when it goes down! Twitter although it isn’t the biggest in history, it may very well be the most important, and financially worth it!

(Caught On Tape) LOL!! Check Out This Woman’s Reaction After Her Boyfriend Proposes To Her In The Middle Of The Mall!!

While on bended knee, one guy attempts to go from boy to man… and right back to boy thanks to his girlfriend. The unidentified man was walking a shopping mall with “the love of his life” when he decided to use the microphone of a nearby band to confess his love for his girl. What was surprising to all was when he knelt down, she abruptly tried to stop him. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t. “The love of his life” then grabbed a ukulele and swung, aiming for his head. Check what happens next after the jump.

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