Caught On Tape! Four Teens Beat Up Uber Driver For Allegedly Refusing Them Service

An Uber driver was attacked in Brooklyn by four teens and they even recorded the whole incident on a cell phone. SMH! More after the jump!

(Caught On Tape) Wow! Car Crashes Into Gas Station And Driver Does THIS!!!

In Cincinnati, OH., one man is lucky to be alive. In an almost tragic event, he managed to crash his car into a gas station. But after the car hit the station, it flipped over twice and landed on top of a bus station. Despite this, the driver was somehow unharmed. Check out what he does next after the jump.

NBA: LMAO, He Got You! JR Smith Trolls Knicks Fans On Twitter!

JR’s got jokes! Lol.  Looks like free agent JR Smith had some extra time on his hands so he decided to send loyal Knicks fans into a panic.  He sent out a generic tweet that said, “It was fun while it lasted” and of course Knicks fans thought that meant he was leaving the team — esp. since reports had just come out that Bucks could land Smith along with his teammate Chris Copeland. So what was the tweet about?!  Check out the reactions from some fans and what he meant after the jump…

Hailo Is Now Live In What City??

Hailo, an app that provides taxi service, will finally launch beta service in NYC. In an email sent out by Jay Bregman, Founder and CEO says,”Over the next few weeks, we’ll be inviting passengers onto the service in groups.”

This Is Crazy!! Drunk Teen Crashes Car Killing How Many?!?!?

The boys wasted no time tracking this kid down, smh! Hit jump for the full story!

Apps To Help You Grab-A-Cab In NYC !!!

Hailing a cab in the BIG Apple isn’t necessarily the easiest task around. Even though you see a surplus of yellow cars racing in and out of traffic, just figuring out which cars are on duty is a task in itself. Technology is taking a nice step forward to help us solve that problem. Chairman of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, David Yassky, has announced some great news for the residents of beautiful New York City. Jump for pics, video & download links. Tat Wza

Cab Driver Uses Voodoo To Stop Shooting

An African cab driver has announced that he used voodoo to stop a young man from causing another unforseen massacre.  Well, he tricked the boy into thinking he could make him vanish while he called the cops.  This then triggered a lockdown at Trenton Central High School in NJ.  The driver had scooped up the young boy on Thursday morning and he pulled out a pistol and admitted that he was about to kill his classmates because they almost killed him!  The cab driver then calmed the boy down by comparing himself to him,comparing his struggles and finally telling him that he can give him some medicine to calm him down.  The gullible boy believed him and agreed,this gave the cabbie time to call authorities. He’s def a hero! Steph B

(Video) LMAO! Girl Getting Ratchet With A Taxi Cab Driver Over $2 – SMH!!

Ooh, how classy! Girl starts bugging OUT, getting riled up & cursing in a taxi cab.. over $2!! She was PISSED!! Check the rude footage after the jump! Warning: FOUL, crude, and vulgar language! Biz Baby

Whoa! Paris Hilton Says Some HORRIBLE Things About Gay Men!

Paris Hilton’s PR people are going to have to go into overtime for this one. The heiress is under hot water after some extremely disturbing comments about gay men were uttered out of her perfectly glossed lips. Paris was in an NYC cab earlier this month when the comments were made, and the cab driver (unbeknownst to Paris) actually recorded the whole thing. Now THAT’S pretty skeevy. Still not as skeevy as what she said, though. More details below. Marisa Mendez

(Photos)Heroic Grandmother Dies For Her Grandson!

A heroic grandmother wraps her body around her grandson to save his life, while the taxi they were in crashed.  A New York City taxi crashed on a highway while the two were inside, Suzanna Nicholson, thought very quickly as the vehicle collided and used her body as a shield.  Hit the jump to see the car carnage and read the details of the story. Steph Bassanini

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