(18+ Video) Caught On Tape: Couple Had Sex On A Public Beach

And We’re talking about a couple of drinks, but a couple that felt like it was ok to go full steam wide out in the open!

(Graphic Video) Caught On Tape: Gunman Opens Fire Into A Crowd Outside Of A CT Nightclub

Last night in Stamford CT 5 people were wounded as a man stands in the middle of chaos and opens up, actually aiming at everyone around him.

(Video) WTF! Katt Williams Draws A Gun On Someone At Comedy Club!

Katt Williams still seems to be in an uphill battle with whatever it is that he’s battling. (Some say a mental disease, others say drugs…others say both…) The troubled comedian pulled a gun on someone at the Comedy Store in West Hollywood last night, triggering a 911 emergency that ended with 6 squad cars filled with police coming to the scene, all with guns drawn. People on the scene say that a comedian on stage started going in on Katt (who was in the audience) about his race and being short, and he was NOT having it. He pulled a gun out on the man…but eventually left before cops got there. So far no arrest warrant has been issued for him, but cops are still investigating.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Car Casually Rolls Over Dude’s Face

I’ve seen some crazy sh*t, especially with these caught on tape’s, but this is a little different, dude just laying out in a driveway, allegedly drunk, and this car just backs up with the wheel rolling right ove his head, and he seems to take it like a champ.

(Video) LMFAO, Epic Memorial Day Fail: Girl Tries To Pole Dance In Vegas & Falls Flat On Her Head!

WELP, this sucks. A bunch of chicks took their talents over to Las Vegas to celebrate Memorial Day at a beach club when the unthinkable occurred. One of the ladies tried to do some tricks on the pole and she ended up falling flat on her head. OUCH! Peep the epic fail below. Hope she’s okay though!

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Naked Woman Bugging Out In The Street

Not sure exactly what this is about, But this African woman is Butt Naked in the streets of Israel.

(18+*Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Gets Half Naked To Refill Coffee Creamer

I’m not even going to front on you, I can’t tell if I’m upset about this or nah…Shorty is at the least sexy while performing this somewhat ‘offensive’ act.

(Video) Caught On Tape: What The F*ck! Check Out The Most AWKWARD Fight Ever!

Being that technology has become such an important factor in today’s society, when anything goes down– it’s basically always caught on tape. A bunch of girls met up in someone’s backyard to shoot the fair one and the cameras were rollin’. It had to be the most AWKWARD “fight” that ever went down in the history of throw downs. However, it’s funny AF! (BTW: there’s a shovel involved.) Check out the super ridiculous fight below!

(PHOTOS) NBA: The Men Who Robbed Paul George’s Home During Game 5 Were Caught on Tape!

These two idiots. SMH.  If you’re gonna rob someone, you should probably plan it out better & not only make sure there are no cameras — but one of the guys looked right into it.  SMH. Paul George’s home was robbed during game 5 of the playoffs on Tuesday night.  Welp, the robbers were caught on tape — take a look and see if you recognize them…

(Video) Caught On Tape: Xzibit EXPLODES On Promoter Backstage…Throws A Chair At His Face!

You better have Xzibit’s conditions up to par when you book him for a show…or you MIGHT just get a steel chair in your face! A promoter found that out the hard way last night during a concert in Adelaide, Australia, when apparently X to the Z experienced a horrible car ride from the airport to the hotel, and to add insult to injury, had no car at ALL to take him to the venue and was forced to take a cab after he couldn’t get the promoter on the phone. Below is what happened when X finally found the guy backstage at the venue. Sheesh! For his part, the promoter says Xzibit was “treated like a king and any claim saying otherwise is BS.”

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