*Updated* Sports: Oh He Mad!! Former NFL Star Chased After Justin Bieber To Confront Him!

Although the situation isn’t funny at all, I had to laugh at the thought of little Bieber running away from monster former NFL star Keyshawn Johnson.  I definitely wouldn’t want to be confronted by Keyshawn when he’s mad!  At least the kid has Floyd Mayweather on his side. Lol. Keyshawn chased down Beiber over the weekend.  For what?!  Find out after the jump…

US To Charge JP Morgan With Power Market Manipulation?!?!

Analyst predict the US regulator of Power Markets will likely pursue charges against JP Morgan Chase & Co. for manipulation after the New York Times got their hands on a document basically summarizing the case. The Times reported that they reviewed a 70 page document from the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to JP Morgan in March which claimed that the bank had manipulated markets in both California and Michigan in 2010 and 2011. FERC was very interested in JP Morgan’s trading activities and have been openly pursuing enquiry since last summer. Hopefully they dont get hit with the same type of penalties its competitor Barclays suffered at $470 Million. Hit the jump for more.

Katt Williams Dodges Jail Time In Cop Chase Case

Katt Williams will not be facing jail time for the chase he took police on in November in Sacramento. The comedian had originally been charged with felony evading police, but prosecutors agreed to reduce the charge to 428 hours of community service instead. He must complete the hours in 9 months, however.

Yet ANOTHER App Not On A Blackberry!!!

Starting April 21st, Chase bank will no longer offer the Chase Mobile App for BlackBerry devices. In an email to customers, Jennifer Myhre wrote, ” We want you to be aware of a change. Starting April 21st, we’ll no longer offer the Chase Mobile® App for BlackBerry devices. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.” The Senior Vice President continued,”You will still be able to access your accounts with your BlackBerry device by going to chase.com on your mobile browser.” Customers will no longer be about to use the Quick Deposit feature which allowed users to deposit checks from their BlackBerry.

(Photos) 5 Black Influential Women In Business !!!

Take a look a some of The Most Influential Black Women in Business. Hit the jump for more!

[Audio] Killed Photog Was Positive Justin Bieber Was Smoking Weed

The photographer killed during a Justin Bieber chase yesterday was positive that Justin was smoking weed, and this could be the reason why he was so set on getting his photos. “Man, you won’t believe my luck,” he said in a call to his agency yesterday afternoon just before the incident. “It’s pretty dead in L.A. Everybody thinks Justin and Selena are in Mexico, but they’re not.” After revealing he saw [what he thought was] Justin smoking a weed pipe in his car, he quickly hung up to chase him. But as we’ve already reported, it turns out that Justin wasn’t even in his car…it was Lil Twist driving. Below, you can hear the audio of his last call. RIP, Chris Guerra. Marisa Mendez

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