(Photos) NFL: Kendall Wright’s Baby Mother Believes He Repo’d Her Car After She Filed For Child Support

Tennessee Titans star Kendall Wright has serious off-season headaches, his baby mother is taking him to court for child support, and thinks he’s getting revenge by repossessing her car.

Mathew Knowles Pockets Have A Massive Dent Following Child Support Ruling

Paying off his child’s mother, Taqoya Branscomb, was one of the worst things Mathew Knowles could have done in the eyes of a Houston judge. Knowles paid Branscomb $225,000 to keep their daughter, Koi, a secret; Knowles was still married to Tina Knowles at the time. However, due to the silent-not so much any more-exchange, the judge ordered the daddy to pay up $70,822 in back child support.

NBA: Andre Iguodala Allegedly Doesn’t Want His Daughter to Play Basketball & Possibly Become a Lesbian

Yesterday news spread that Andre Iguodala’s baby mother Clayanna Warthen was requesting an increase in her child support from $16,000 per month to a whopping $58,000 per month.  It set off quite a bit of discussions on social media and now we have more information from their court case.

WNBA: Brittney Griner Wants Glory Johnson’s Medical Records to Prove Babies Are Hers & Not Glory’s Ex-BF

Things continue to get messy between WNBA star Brittney Griner and her estranged wife Glory Johnson.  Johnson initially wanted $20,000 in spousal support but that was shut down by the judge; now the two are back at it as Johnson is demanding child support.

NBA: Andre Iguodala’s Baby Mother Says $18K/Month in Child Support Isn’t Enough, Wants $58K/Month

Andre Iguodala has a little girl with a 151 IQ, and his babymother says the multi-million dollar NBA player won’t even fully pay for her education.

(Video) NBA: Laura Govan Wants To Strip Custody After Gilbert Arenas Lets Son Ride on Hood of Polaris

Yesterday I posted a video of Gilbert Arenas taking his kids for a ride in his Polaris Slingshot.  His son Alijah was on the hood of the car as Arenas drove.  Well the mother of Arenas’ kids Laura Govan saw a perfect opportunity to pounce!

Another One: DMX Has A Warrant Out For His Arrest

DMX literally has NO luck when it comes to the law. A warrant has been issued for the Yonkers native after he missed a court hearing on Monday, December 14th, involving his child support payments with his ex-wife Tashera Simmons. He allegedly owes a total of $400,000 in child support (GOD DAMNNNNNNNN) and was arrested back in October of this year for the same issue.

Pay Up: Marvin Gaye’s Son Owes Over $60K+ In Back Child Support!

It looks like we can add Marvin Gaye’s son to the list of celebs who are horrible with paying child support. Marvin Gaye III and his siblings have been awarded $7.4 million after winning the “Blurred Lines” case against Robin Thicke & Co. but it looks like most of that won’t even be going into his bank account.

(Video+Photos) Uh Oh! Beyonce’s Daddy May Be Going To Jail If He Doesn’t Pay $40K In Back Child Support To His Ex-mistress

Matthew Knowles no longer seems to be on the greener side of the grass since his split from managing his daughter Beyonce Knowles Carter and his divorce from her mother Tina. After having an 18-mo affair that led to him losing his family and gaining a lovechild, 5-year old Nixon Knowles, Matthew may just find himself behind bars. Apparently he owes his estranged baby mama $40K in back child support, and she says she will send him to prison for contempt if he does not pay up! See her interview and get a glimpse of Beyonce’s brother after the jump!

Stevie Wonder Is No Longer A Married Man; Divorce FINAL!

Stevie Wonder is no longer a married man. After 14 years of marriage, six of which they were separated, Wonder and (ex) wife Kai Millard Morris have made their agreements and have decided to move on. Drop down for more.

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