NBA: Dwight Howard’s Baby Mother Suing For More Child Support, Says $10,000/Month is Too Low!

Hey rich celebrities… WRAP IT UP.  Apparently $10,000 per month is WAY too low for child support according to one of Dwight Howard’s baby mother’s, who says Dwight has been screwing her out of serious money and now she wants to collect.

Ludacris’ Baby’s Mother Is Not Finished With The Child Custody Battle

It’s been an up-hill battle for Ludacris’ baby’s mother, Tamika Fuller. After going to court for the custody of their daughter Cai Bella Bridges, Fuller lost the battle to the Atlanta rapper. As a mother, Fuller applied for an appeal, however, the courts denied her request. For her, the battle just will not end because she plans on going back in for another try. Hit the jump for more.

Baby Mama Drama: Nia Guzman Claims Chris Brown Stopped Paying Child Support!

And the baby mama drama begins! The mother of Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty, Nia Guzman, is now making claims that her super famous baby father has completely stopped paying the tiny $2,500 in child support. According to sources, Breezy stopped paying back in March only once Nia started demanding $15K in child support per month. He felt as if that was ridiculous, so he just cut her off all together financially. Sources have also been claiming that Nia is treating their child like a meal ticket, which isn’t hard to believe. Legal documents will be filed by Guzman’s lawyer within the next few weeks. Chris Brown should have realized that before he shot up a random chick’s club, he was going to have to dish out some serious cash as a result. Like c’mon, bruh. Seriously…

NBA: Larry Johnson’s Baby Mother Says He Stashed $26 Million & She Wants $11K/ Month in Child Support!

In March, I reported that former NBA star Larry Johnson had filed for bankruptcy and reportedly owed  more than $120,000 to four different baby mothers in back child support.  Well according to one of those four women, Johnson isn’t broke at all because he actually stashed $26 million in a private account years ago!

Following His Child Support Arrest, Darius McCrary Vents About The Unfair Treatment Of Fathers

Darius McCrary, better known as child star Eddie Winslow from the 1990s television show Family Matters, was arrested last Wednesday in Oakland County Michigan. McCrary was ordered to pay $5,500, which he did after spending a day in a cell, but now, he takes to Twitter to announce that the judicial move was an unfair treatment of fathers. He claims he’s a great father and it should remain titled “child support, not adult support.” Seems like mommy dearest is buying Birkin bags with the cash. Ehh… Check after the jump for the father’s argument.

Chris Brown Offers To Move Baby Mama & Daughter To L.A. To Be Closer To Him!

Most of the time when we hear these horror stories of celebs having “break babies,” they tend to want nothing to do with the child nor the mother who gave birth. However, Chris Brown is proving us ALL wrong. He recently reached out to 31-year-old Nia Guzman, the model who he knocked up, to give her a proposition. Sources close to Chris said he wants to move Guzman and their baby Royalty to Hollywood Hills so they could be closer to him. As of now, they reside in Houston and it is way too far for Brown. Sources also reveal he wants to be able to see Royalty every single day, which is VERY commendable now-a-days. He is currently paying Nia off the books WAY more than he’s supposed to for child support, but apparently he got mad that she’s speaking publicly about their past relations to the media. He said if she continues, they’ll go to court so she can receive only the court mandated amount along with paying for her housing expenses if she makes the move to California. Ump, hello! Sounds like an amazing deal to me. Is it really that easy? This chick will have her own reality TV show in no time. SMH! #MustBeNice

NBA: Welp Larry Johnson Files For Bankruptcy, Owes Child Support to 4 Different Women!

Former NBA star Larry Johnson is in quite some trouble because he has been accused of being a deadbeat dad by FOUR different women at the same time.

(Photos) Blac Chyna Puts Fan In Check For Claiming She Purchased House With Child Support!

It seems as if everyone believes that Blac Chyna’s one and only source of income is her ex man/baby father Tyga but she had to let a follower know that it’s NOT true. Chyna recently uploaded a photo of her new house on the gram, feeling really blessed and accomplished but of course there is always someone ready to throw shade. One of her “fans” implied that she got it with the use of Tyga’s coins but she quickly put that person and all others in their place letting them know she did that all on her own! Read Chyna’s response in the gallery!

NFL: Ravens’ Will Hill Wanted By Police For Not Paying Child Support

Baltimore Ravens safety Will Hill is wanted by NJ officials after allegedly stiffing his baby mother out of more than $16k in child support.

(Video) Man Facing Jail & 30K in Child Support For a Child Courts Know Is Not His

Carnell Alexander of Detroit is the Man Facing Jail & 30K in Child Support For a Child Courts Know Is Not His in a story that many can relate to. Even after DNA tests proved he has literally 0.00% paternity possibility, he’s still being hit up for his dollars and now, sans payments, is facing serious jail time.

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