WHO’s Working For Revolt TV?!

The date – October 21 – is nearing, and soon we’ll have another 24hr music channel. Diddy has done wonders with the publicity for Revolt TV and possible viewers are taking a liking of what’s to come. He’s sent out a world-wide message to get new and fresh faces for the network, and even though these three faces are so new, they seem to be fresh. Hit the jump and check out the generation of Revolt.

(Video) Straight Man Goes Undercover As Gay Man For Research

A Christian man, Timothy Kurek, lived in a religious home his entire life and had  a very strict upbringing.  Being gay was considered bad or taboo in his home, he also believed this about the homosexual community and did not have an open mind. One day a close friend of his cried to him about her sexuality and Tim decided to see what it was like to be someone from that community , so he came out of the closet to his family . He really went undercover as a gay man with a boyfriend and everything, hit the jump! Steph B

Channing Tatum Will Only Play Role OF Christian Grey For One Reason…

Channing Tatum has said that he will only play the kinky role of Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey” for one reason only.  I guess he really has to think about this role since Christian Grey is a man into BDSM and has an extreme sex life.  Hit the jump to see what would convince him to play the role. Steph Bassanini

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