Bobby Brown Speaks On Frying Chicken With Cocaine

From all these headlines, I can tell that Bobby Brown’s memoir is pretty deep. Apparently in the book, Brown speaks on frying chicken with cocaine at the age of 10.

(Video) Bobby Brown Breaks Silence About Whitney Houston Drug Use

Known for his popular songs and smooth dance moves, as well as his marriage to the late incomparable Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown is finally speaking out. Brown, plans on releasing a memoir, named after is 1988 hit, Every Little Step this month.

Sports: Soccer Star Abby Wambach Admits to Past Cocaine & Weed Use in Drunk Driving Case

Abby Wambach’s drunk driving case took a surprising turn as she made a shocking confession.

(Video) SMH: 3-Year Old Hospitalized After Eating A Bag Of Crack!

Dam…this Philadelphia toddler was in daycare when the daycare worker saw a little girl chewing on something that wasn’t exactly food…crack cocaine. Hit the jump to read the full story.

Really I’M The Plug!!: Flight Attendant Ditches 70 LBS Of Cocaine At LAX

This chick was about to go through TSA security, dressed in her JetBlue uniform, with 70 lbs of coke in her bags before security called for a random check. Usually flight attendants don’t get random checks, but a security guard just hit the jackpot when this girl dropped everything and went running!! Hit the jump!

Dam…Woman Gets Caught Smuggling Cocaine In Her Breast Implants

That must hurt…this woman tried to smuggle over two pounds of cocaine inside of her breasts. She literally had someone open her up just to stuff coke in there and do the same to take them out once she arrived to the customer. Hit the jump.

(Video) Catholic Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine And Then Doing A Nazi Salute

A catholic priest was caught on tape snorting cocaine. Father Stephen Crossan had a party at his home where the act was committed. After snorting the coke, Crossan put on a Nazi hat and did a salute.

(Video) A Woman Got Caught Smuggling $10K Worth Of Cocaine In Her Vagina At JFK

Shakira Thompson got busted at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport for trying to stuff $10k worth of Cocaine in her vagina. Thompson came back to the U.S. from Jamaica and was searched privately in customs.

In WTF News: Sex Toys Made Of Cocaine Stuffed In Women’s Vaginas

Two cocaine cowgirls from St. Lucia were arrested at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Guyana after officials found a massive amount of drugs in their body … their lady parts to be exact. Find out more after the jump.

NBA: Lamar Odom Blood Test Results are Positive For Cocaine

The Sheriff now has the results of Lamar Odom’s blood tests, and as expected he tested positive for cocaine.

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