(Video) Starbuck’s Opens The Willy Wonka Of Coffee Shop

As if Starbucks coffee was expensive enough, Starbucks has recently revealed it’s first brand new line of coffee shops called “Destinations.” The next generation of Starbucks coffee shops has arrived to Capitol Hill, Seattle. The new starbucks features industrial touches and a section for roasting coffee beans onsite. Starbucks claims that so many people already spend so much time in Starbucks already that they want their place to have more space for that. Starbucks is looking to make their coffee shops “Destinations” instead of just using the bathroom places. LOL come on tell me you haven’t went into Starbucks just to use the bathroom at least once. The fancy Starbucks will include the on-site roasting of coffee beans and handcrafted brewing. Basically kind of like Willy Wonka’s factory. Starbucks plans to open 100 new coffee shops during the next five years in NYC, Chicago, LA, San Francisco and Washington DC. Besides working on this project Starbucks is also brewing two other new interesting projects find out more… Also take a video tour of the new Starbucks.

(Video) This Coffee Shop Has Zero Employees And Runs Entirely On The Honor System!

This North Dakota coffee shop, trusts its customers 100%! ‘The Vault’ coffee shop is like any ordinary, serving up coffee, tea, pastries, chips and ice cream, but this establishment is relying on its customers to leave their pay. Watch this clip of the ‘The Vault’ coffee shop, serving coffee daily without the help of any employees!

You Will Soon Be Able To Add Videos To Yelp?!

Starting June Yelp will allow you to upload three, 12 second clips. Pretty soon you’ll be able to give everyone a video tour of your favorite burger joint, lunch spot, coffee shop, or bar. However, first you will have to become an “elite” yelper as the feature will only be available to them before going fully public. Be on the look out for the those Yelp review videos.

(Video) Caught On Tape: Woman Steals Macbook Air Out Of Coffee Shop

I would never leave my devices alone, much less go to the bathroom with my Air in full display practically screaming ‘Take Me Take Me’.

(Video) LOL! Woman Goes Balistic Over Guy Who Spills Coffee On Her Laptop!

Imagine this – close your eyes (later) – your in a coffee shop sipping on a caramel latte, and an altercation conspires! A woman – telekinetic style – throws a guy against the wall for spilling coffee onto her laptop. WHAT DO YO DO?! Well, #MYself I’m getting out of dodge! Some of the folks here watched as the madness unfolded. Drop down below, and check out this hilarious joke being played on EVERYONE! Happy (early) Halloween!

(Video) GROSS! Starbucks Uses WHAT To Brew Coffee ??

If this isn’t just the nastiest thing I’ve read EVER !!! You coffee heads may want to check with your local Starbucks shop just to make sure that they aren’t brewing their coffee with toilet water…Yes you read right….Starbucks’ head honchos in Hong Kong may have some explaining to do. After photos of a “Starbucks Only” water spout in a bathroom emerged on the web, many customers questioned whether Starbucks is using “toilet water” to brew its coffee. The series of photos, reportedly taken at the chain’s Bank of China Tower location, appear to show a man retrieving water from a spout in a men’s bathroom a few feet away from a urinal and then using a container on a cart to transport it to the coffee shop…..JUST NASTY!!! Read more after the jump…

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