Tech: Microsoft Will No Longer Manufacture New Xbox 360 Consoles!

Last November Microsoft celebrated the Xbox 360 console’s 10-year run. Now Microsoft will no longer manufacture new Xbox 360 consoles.

You Can’t Trade In WHAT At GameStop!?!?

GameStop is making room for PlayStation 4, so starting June 1st, GameStop will no longer accept trade ins for PlayStation 2 consoles. The company confirmed that it will stop trade ins for PS2 games, accessories and systems.

Biggest Win From PS4 Announcement Is Playstation Network & Ustream!!!

Sony announced their new Playstation 4 yesterday without actually showing the console. Their presentation included brief descriptions of future features you’ll find on the machine, with short demos of features as well. Pictures in gallery above… Tat Wza

Ouya Finally Shipping Out to Developers, Gets First Unboxing Video

The crowdsourced Android powered game console, Ouya, is finally heading out to developers who helped fund the project on kickstarter. Ouya is meant to be an open source game console that is supposed to have a huge backing from the major players in gaming, including Square Enix. The makers of Ouya also encourage hacking, allowing anybody to open it open & do whatever they want to it. See what comes in the box after the jump. Tat Wza

Nintendo Wii Delivers Video Content To Users

Nintendo just recently launched the Wii U, which has an appearance of the future of gaming. With a controller similar to a tablet or smartphone, the capabilities and features seem endless. The newest feature addition will provide a second-screen viewing experience. By viewing entertainment through the Wii, social media integration is possible. Tat Wza

New XBOX To Drop When ??

We heard news from Xbox headquarters regarding new features and specs of their new machine. Said to release close to a year after the Wii, sales are clearly calling for a new machine. Although still a high selling product, sold more units than new Wii console this thanksgiving weekend, users have made it very clear they’re ready and its time for new equipment. Hit the jump, looks like we got a date. Tat Wza

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