Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo just recently launched the Wii U, which has an appearance of the future of gaming. With a controller similar to a tablet or smartphone, the capabilities and features seem endless. The newest feature addition will provide a second-screen viewing experience. By viewing entertainment through the Wii, social media integration is possible.

Tat Wza

Nintendo TVii

Nintendo has added a feature that will give you access to some of the entertainment now available on TV. Cable, satellite and video-on-demand services all accessible through your Nintendo Wii U. The service is called Nintendo TVii and will allow users to find what they want, not how they want. With hundreds of channels, and satellite networks its almost impossible to find what you want to watch with out stumbling over so much non-sense. Not only can you find and enjoy what you want to watch, but you can share it with friends or even details of a show, maybe even a shocking twist in a plot. Comment and discuss it with friends who are also fans or interested. No extra equipment or service fee’s needed; Nintendo TVii is Free!