Uh Oh! AT&T And News Corp Looking To Hurt Netflix?!?

I mean I’m not against competition, but I do feel like this so not clean. If it weren’t Netflix, people would still be shackled to watching ‘content’ when it was good for someone else’s schedule. AT&T partnering with News Corp with $500M behind themare getting ready to ‘invest and launch’ a VOD(Video On Demand) service like Netflix.

(Video) Check Out Amazon’s New Pilot’s They Want You To Vote On!!

As Netflix has proven, original content is the way to get absolute validity as a Content provider(especially if it’s award winning), and Amazon is back 5 pilots it wants it’s Prime people to take a look at and see which one should go into full production!

(*Warning*Very Graphic*Video) Man Trapped In Elevator For 41 Hours COMPLETELY Freaks Out!!!!

I mean…I put ‘Very Graphic’ because a Claustrophobic man trapped in an elevator for 41 hours, shown in time lapse, going through every emotion in his mind, ends up Shitting into his clothes and wiping it on himself…so If you don’t want to see some NASTY sh*t, Don’t hit the Jump…But then again Why would you be here if you?!

Fox Pulls Family Guy And American Dad Episodes?!?!?

Due to some potentially insensitive material in the upcoming episodes of hit cartoon series’ Family Guy and American Dad Fox has pulled them from the schedule and replaced them with reruns. But this isn’t the first time they have pulled episodes for potentially insensitive content. Hit the jump for more. PaulDaPro

Tech Talk News: Apple Wants to Stream Epix Content For Apple TV

According to reports, Apple has been in talks with major TV channel Epix over rights to streaming its content to the Apple TV or any other Apple device which has that capability. The Epix channel is backed by three major movie studios, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

(Video)Tech Talk News: Is Netflix In Trouble???

Netflix is feeling the Pressure, Hulu Plus on it’s A**, Movie companies figuring out that hold the content cards, and viewers Not liking everything they see in the selection, The Streaming giant is in some dark days, Hit the Jump to see what it’s looking like! +TatWZA

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