Khloe Kardashian Talks Kanye West’s ‘SWISH’ Album: “They’re All Genuinely Terrific Songs”

Although Kanye West’s release date for his highly anticipated album ‘SWISH’ right around the corner, it seems that fans know very little about what to expect when it does drop. Along with the announcement of the SWISH release date, West also revealed he will be bringing back everyone’s favorite G.O.O.D Fridays and last week introduced his record ‘Real Friends’ and a snippet of ‘No More Parties in L.A.’ This got fan increasingly excited and ready for more. Being that Khloe Kardashian is Kanye’s sister-in-law, she was able to give fans a little bit of insight to the album during a recent interview with Cosmopolitan. KoKo dished that she’s heard the album and has even been able to sit in studio sessions, however it still remains unclear just which songs will make it to the album. She said, “He has so many songs that we — I act like I’m recording them — that he can’t figure out what he wants to put on his album,” Khloe dished, “And they’re all genuinely terrific songs.” Read more below.

Pharrell Named 2015 Artist-In-Residence At New York University

Congratulations, Pharrell! The rapper, songwriter, producer, designer, Pharrell has been selected to be the 2015 artist-in-residence by New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Pharrell will be giving students and faculty an inside look into this creative process through an in-depth discussion about his many ventures including music and fashion. Read more below.

Miley Cyrus’ Art To Be Featured For Display During New York Fashion Week?!

The multitalented Miley Cyrus is taking her talents to New York Fashion Week, but instead of ripping the runway she will be exposing her art!

(Video) Young Thug The Latest Rapper On That Lean?!

I thought we(the hip hop community) were moving toward giving this drug a rest?! Well it seems as though Young Thug is not on that page, it actually looks like he’s about to give ‘Lean’ credit for his musical talent 0_0

(Photos) NY Art Student Recreates Classic Logos Using Recycled Bike Parts!

Now not only is she recycling but she’s also turning old hunks of junk into works of art. Jennifer Beatty, a New York based graphic designer and graduate student at the School of Visual Arts, has been taking parts from old bikes and re-imagining them into classic logos like Adidas, MTV and more. She doesn’t just do logos though. Check out her work after the jump!

Ebro Darden Steps Down As Program Director At Hot 97

News Broke recently that Ebro Darden has stepped down as PD from NYC’s premier hip hop radio station. Ebro has been PD for a long time now, but also is an on-air personality for the ‘Hot 97 Am Show’, which he will keep doing. HE will also be in the new VH1 show “This Is Hot 97” Premiering Monday March 31st at 1030p!!

(Video) MIT Uses A New Technology Called “inForm 2.5D” That Could Change Everything!!!

Remember this day!!! These guys over at MIT are most definitely the genius’s that everybody says they are!! A new technology called 2.5D(a mix of 2d, and 3D) also known as “visual perception”, in short is how you apply 3D in a 2D world, and the MIT men have found a use for it.

(Photos) Check Out One Mom’s Creative Take On Baby Pictures!!!

Parents tired of the same old traditional baby pictures, searching for something more unique? Well one doodling mom has your answer! Hit the jump to view these adorable and diverse baby pictures!

Fashion: Presenting Melange Clothing “Coogi-T”

Melange Clothing is a brand ran by 15 year old Max Sheridan from Chicago. Today, I will be presenting his “Coogi-T”. He started Melange Clothing in January of this year, so far he has had some great success. The Coogi- T is a resemblance of Coogi of course. I thought this concept was cool and creative to bring back. The Tee is based off the infamous Coogi Sweaters from the 90’s, that were seen on famous acts such as Notorious BIG and Bill Cosby. The front of the Tee features a drip effect that gives the Tee a unique vibe. The back consist of a Mèlange font made up of the same Coogi print from the front of the Tee. The “Coogi T” and Melange Clothing as a whole is inspired by Max’s love of hip hop in specifics Notorious BIG and his love for the urban culture from the 90’s. The Tee is available now on Melange Clothing official website. They will also be releasing a F/W line that I will keep you updated on as well. To stay more in tune follow Melange Clothing on instagram. Hit the jump for more detailed pics of the “Coogi-T”.

(Caught On Vine) From Twerkin To Smack Cam…Vine Is Still Strong!!

I mean, you probably have seen this, but not for nothing, these Vine Vids are So funny, it’s really worth a 2nd/3rd view anyway, from the latest smack cam craze, to the Twerkin phenomena to the overall creativity on Vine, go ahead and Jump!

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