(Photos) NFL: Odell Beckham JR Wants More Money!

There is an art to using your platform to get what you want these days and it looks like Odell Beckham Jr knows that. In a recent interview, ODB calls for NFL players to make more money. Click more to read the full story!

(Video) Menace To Society: George Zimmerman Reportedly Threatens To Kill Again…This Time Behind Roadrage?!

Now everyone that witnessed the heartbreak and horror of George Zimmerman going free for the murder of teen Trayvon Martin is forced to side eye the criminal justice system once again. Zimmerman proves once again just WHY he is a danger to society as well as himself. Well new reports surface surrounding roadrage incident last week where Zimmerman threatens to kill a fellow driver on the road. Get the scoop inside…

(Video) ALERT: Let’s Stop Kids From Doing This Dangerous Game ‘Pass Out Challenge’

This Non-sense seems to be all the rage on FB, kids are doing this at serious risk to their health! By bending over taking shallow breath’s to slow the heart down, then quickly leaning up, holding there breath, proceeding to let someone push in on their chest up against the heart to try and make it stop so they pass out….seizures, potential for a heart attack, even stroke with the loss of oxygen to the brain….ridiculous!

Wow! Eating Meat And Cheese Is As Deadly As WHAT!?!?

This is very interesting. According to a recent study, eating a lot of meats and cheeses during middle age is as deadly as smoking. The study that comes from the University of Southern California, published in the journal, Cell Metabolism, elaborates that “consuming high levels of animal proteins could be detrimental to a person’s health.” Hit the jump for more info.

200 Miners Trapped In Abandoned Gold Shaft!

Allegedly a dozen of South African miners have been rescued from an abandoned Gold shaft, yet hundreds are still in great danger, and remain in hiding, after working illegally.

(Photo) Guess Which Celeb Was Caught Drinking & Driving… Again.

Christmas spirit, much?! Well, Reese Witherspoon seems to be! She was celebrating with her man with some wine and then had no problem driving off into the sunset. Reese and Jim Toth made their way to the outdoor patio at Gjelina in Venice over the weekend. A source connected to Reese says she had a glass of wine with an early dinner and then walked around the area XMAS shopping for “several hours,” and then got behind the wheel and drove home. And this isn’t the first time! Reese and Jim famously got arrested in Atlanta after a drunken night out on the town. Jim was busted for DUI. Reese was arrested for disorderly conduct.

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