(PHOTOS) NFL: Here We Go – The Thirst! Stripper Exposes Richard Sherman & Darrelle Revis

When are these ballers going to learn?!  Geeeez-us.  It’s pretty much the same story, just different players. A stripper that goes by the name of Sade (works Magic City in Atlanta) put NFL players Richard Sherman & Darrelle Revis on blast.  She took screenshots of them as they (separately) facetimed with her and posted it up on Instagram.  The captions she used with the pics destroyed them — making them look all extra thirsty. SMH. C’mon fellas, you gotta do better!!! Check it out…

NFL: Porn Worker Says She’ll Have Sex With Vince Wilfork If He Stays With Pats; Same Offer For Revis

Super Pats fan?!  Dirty, dirty, dirty.  I’m pretty sure Vince Wilfork’s wife is not going to appreciate this.  A woman named Jess Brigham — who works in the porn industry — let Vince Wilfork and the world know on Twitter that she will f*ck him if he stays with the Patriots (he wants to be released).  What an offer!  She even put the same deal out to Darrelle Revis — who just got there —  Welcome to New England Revis!  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Check out who she is (she’s got porn all over her page if you’re interested) & her tweet after the jump…

NFL: Super Bowl Contending Teams Inquiring About Trading For Darrelle Revis

Darrelle Revis’ $16 million a year contract — no guaranteed money, so no dead money on the Bucs salary cap if he is traded — could soon turn him into a one-year rental as a hired gun for teams on the verge of going to the Super Bowl.

NFL: Rex Ryan Says Richard Sherman Can’t Compare to Darrelle Revis in His Prime

An ongoing debate is who’s the best cornerback in the NFL.  With the success and infamous rant by Richard Sherman, the debate grew and renewed a rivalry between he and Darrelle Revis.  Now a cornerback for the Tampa Bay Bucs, Revis was at his peak on the NY Jets right before he tore his ACL.  Once known as “Revis Island”, Jets coach Rex Ryan says Sherman can’t compare to Revis when he was at his best.

(Photo) NFL: Richard Sherman Takes A Shot At Darrelle Revis, Again

I am starting to think Richard Sherman has a complex regarding Darrelle Revis. He loves to keep Revis’s name coming out of his mouth, even when it is completely random. Earlier this year Sherman took some shots at Revis still being considered the best corner in the NFL even coming off knee surgery. But he pretty much has consistently kept mentioning him since. Now again he takes another random jab via twitter. Deep down it seems he really wants to be Revis. Hit the jump for more.

NFL: DeSean Jackson Doesn’t Think Darrelle Revis Can Run With Him

This should be fun!  Gotta love some good trash talk before a game…even though it’s not until Sunday.  Eagles WR DeSean Jackson is ready to go and had some things to say about Bucs CB Darrelle Revis — and meant no disrespect by it.  Ok, DeSean – we know what you’re doing! Check it out…

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