(Videos): Russell Simmons’ New Agency Will Help Brands Connect With Younger Audience

Russell Simmons, Adweek Brand Visionary launched an in-house creative agency to help brands appeal to young audiences in a new way. This will serve as a creative unit of All Def Digitial (ADD) to attract the younger generations in a genuine way.

(Photos) Chicago Residents Will Pay More For Streaming Services!

If you live in the city of Chicago, then you are already familiar with the city’s “Amusement Tax.” For those of us who don’t live there and are not too familiar, the city has imposed 9% tax on amusement such as basketball games, and that will now include streaming services such as NetFlix!

All Hail: The Best Selling Digital Artist Title Goes To RIHANNA

This is why Rihanna is my girl crush – number two to TRINA! The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has just announced RiRi as the best selling digital artist, and the first artist to cross 100 million song certifications – gold and platinum certifications. According to a press release from the RIAA, Rihanna has 48 million new RIAA Digital Single Certifications, which count download sales and on-demand streams in the United States. Hit the jump for more.

(Photos) Universal Music Group Coughs Up 11.5M to Artists for Digital Royalties

The era of the online purchase, digital download, and streaming service definitely threw the music business for a loop and looks like there’s still hiccups in the system. Now Universal Music Group Coughs Up 11.5M to Artists for Digital Royalties Dispute and will forever change the royalty structure for artists from now on. How the money’s getting split and who else was behind the lawsuit besides Hip Hop’s own Chuck D is one thing, but exactly what changes???

(Video) Chief Keef’s Mother Profiled In Upcoming Digital Film!

Chief Keef’s mother sure does think highly of her baby! In an upcoming digital film called The Real Ingredients of OG Sosa presented by HipHop-Junies, she speaks extremely high of Keef. A trailer was released of the film where she tells the world that her son “is the King and everybody knows it”. The film also will touch on her struggles. Check out the trailer here!

OK!!! Eminem Is The First Artist (EVER) With WHAT?!?

Ask anyone and they’ll probably say that Eminem is a top 5 rapper. Ask Cary Sherman, the Chairman and CEO of RIAA, she’ll agree. Especially after Mr. Mathers’ historical, musical record. He’s just become the first artist with two digital diamond awards. Check out a statement after the jump.

(Photos) Andy Worhol Getting His Own Museum In NY?!

According to the Andy Worhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the work of Andy Worhol will get a new home at a location in New York’s Lower East Side. The museum recently acquired 28 digital images that Warhol had saved on a ancient floppy disk system that almost deemed the pictures unredeemeable. Although construction on the N.Y. location has not started as yet, the museum is slated to open in 2017.

(Photos) Xbox One x Publik Trust Bring Real Fashion To Your Avatar!!

Now you don’t just have the lame attire that comes with an Xbox Avatar(No offense to Microsoft), Yesterday Xbox launched a venture that gives your Avi a great upgrade!

IFWT Wishes Elliott Wilson A Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, Elliott! We wish you many more!!

(Video) Nas Invested In THIS App To Help People Find Jobs!!!

This is Dope, Nas, yes Nas jumping into the digit game, as an investor and advisor to how the streets are feeling. A company called proven created an App(named the same) designed to help people find and apply for jobs on Craigslist.

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