(Videos): Russell Simmons’ New Agency Will Help Brands Connect With Younger Audience

Russell Simmons, Adweek Brand Visionary launched an in-house creative agency to help brands appeal to young audiences in a new way. This will serve as a creative unit of All Def Digitial (ADD) to attract the younger generations in a genuine way.

You’ll Never Guess Who Created An Instagram Account!!!

Google creates an INSTAGRAM account!!! What, thats cray crazy!!!! They already have 42K followers and are only following 3 people. Go see for yourself, don’t have an instagram account, more of a reason to create one. Don’t be left out people. Their first post is a video of the Rubik’s Cube Doodle they made, so cool. Their first post was on Monday May 19, 2014. Welcome to instagram Google.

EBAY Gets Hacked!! Here’s What You Should Do!!!

Following an earlier odd blog post, which has since been taken down advising users to change their passwords. Ebay released its official statement, this morning Ebay advised users to change their passwords due to a hacking problem.

Parties Go Hard During Internet week

Internet Week officially started as of yesterday, and today there’s two great parties to check out! The people over at internetweekny.com are happy fueling you with a Happy Media Happy Hour. YAY! Stop by The Union Square Ballroom from 6-9:30pm for drinks and live music. Then head over to Marquee for the biggest Tech party yet. Be sure to arrive in a tuxedo or ladies a cocktail dress for the Webutante Ball. It’s basically “prom for tech nerds” but with THREE open bars! Check the website out for tickets.

(VIDEO) Googles’ Rubik’s Cube Doodle V.S. Googles’ Pac-Man Doodle Round1, Fight!

In case you missed it, Yesterday Google celebrated the Rubik’s Cubes 40th birthday with an interactive Rubik’s Cube Google Doodle. Since you probably missed it, here is your chance to spend 15 minutes playing around with it, but make sure to prioritize your tasks first. How many people can actually solve a real Rubik’s Cube, imagine a virtual one?

InFlexWeTrust.com Exclusive: Funk Flex To Release Digital Party Mix At 12Midnight Tonight!!!

Get Ready to Enjoy 2012 with a Clean Party Mix, Digital Style!!! #IFWT Team!

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