Meek Mill Will Drop Another 4-Track EP Before Dreamchasers 4


About 2 weeks ago, Meek Mill dropped a four-song “EP” titled 4/4. It contained 4 new songs from the Philly MC, including a remix of Drake & Future’s “I’m The Plug” cut from their collab mixtape What A Time To Be Alive, where Meek goes in at Drake. In another song called “Gave ‘Em Hope”, he went at 50 Cent. Now he plans to drop another four-track “EP”, before he drops his long awaited Dreamchasers 4 mixtape. Maybe he’s waiting so long because he’s making an official Dreamchasers album? Hit the jump.

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(Video) NBA: Sheesh, Ty Lawson Breaks Kirk Hinrich’s Ankles


While Chicago Bulls’ Kirk Hinrich is usually one of the toughest on-ball defenders in the NBA, Ty Lawson felt otherwise and definitely let us know. Lawson, with a sick in and out move, BROKE Hinrich’s ankles and pride! It was so smooth, Lawson didn’t even know Hinrich had fallen. Hit the jump to check out what went down at the Pepsi Center.

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(Photo) Chief Keef Confirms That Interscope Records Has Dumped Him!!!


It was the inevitable… The bang bang Chicagoan has been released from his record label — Interscope Records. He takes to Twitter to make the announcement official.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Video) Say What?! iPhone 6 Screen Already Getting A Stress Test…Goodbye Screen Protector?!?

iPhone 6 Sapphire Crystal Display

I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed such a hype that the screen before attached to actual device is getting a stress test to see what it can stand up to, Nuts!

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(Video) LMAO! Survival Guide To Taking A Dump At Work!

IFWT_Laughing Face

This is dumb funny, yet very real, follow the steps in the video below to make an uncomfortable moment more..livable.

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(Video) NBA: Breaking Ankles! Tim Duncan Sends Amir Johnson To The Floor!

IFWT_Duncan cross 1

Too old?!  Nahhhh. Tim Duncan has something for those calling him old.  Check out this nice move Duncan had on Amir Johnson…

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(Video) Wale Was Left For DEAD In The Music Industry ?!?!


Okay, so HE wouldn’t exactly put it in those words, but the #teamMMG rapper visited the Combat Jack show, and while they expressed Wale’s disconnection with Jimmy Iovine and old his record label, he states that, “I was left dead from a label that don’t support hip-hop music no more.” He feels as though he’s “graduated” into bigger and better things, so it was an experience. Even though he was dropped, he’s made it, and even after that, Wale was asked to sign with Polow da Don. MMG was the move he made, and now ex-business partners have that salty taste in their mouth. Drop down bottom and check out the one of three part interview.

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Ultraviolet Wants Reebok To Drop Rick Ross

New York City Protest For Reebok To Fire Rick Ross

OMG, it’s time to get over it! I understand that their can be some very sensitive subjects – rape being one of them – but, this is getting out of hand. Rick Ross has money and their are always going to be groupies throwing him the p***y – no need for molly. The chicks are thirsty.
This time, UltraViolet, a women’s rights group is suggesting, “Every single day that Reebok continues rewarding Rick Ross with a lucrative endorsement deal, Reebok is condoning rape.” Let the man live! I’m sure that their are other women’s issues that need your time. I’m getting ready to go buy a pair of Reebok sneakers for the hell of it – before they drop Ross (possibility that they just might do it). Drop down bottom for more.

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(Video) Beyonce’s Dad Says “Let’s Be Clear…She DIDN’T Let Me Go!”


According to Beyonce, when asked by Oprah, it was difficult for her to let her father go as manager, because he gave her, “life.” Now, Matthew Knowles is speaking out for the first time about the split between him and his daughter. Apparently, she didn’t just let her father go but, “let’s be clear on that” Knowles mentions. “She didn’t let me go, we both let each other go. That’s a big difference.” Ok, alright…we believe you – MAYBE. Drop down bottom check out how Bey explained it in her interview with the BIG O, and then give me your thoughts. Did they let each other go, or did BAy drop her dad like a hot potato?

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(Photos) DreamChasers 3 Drop Date…When ???


It’s coming, it’s COMING! LOL! Meek Mill has let us know to be on a close look-out, because tomorrow, he will be dropping the release date for the DC3 mixtape. I’m ready to put my cursor on the download button right now. Drop down bottom to see the MMG rapper’s plans for the news.

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