(Photo) FSU Student Stabbed A Couple Then Allegedly Ate Part Of The Man’s Face

Police found a FSU student kneeled over a man that he just stabbed “grunting and growling” and “making animal noises.” It was reported that the student had ate part of the man’s face. 19-year-old Austin Harrouff was arrested for stabbing the man and his wife. Harrouff also stabbed a neighbor who tried to stop him.

(Video) SMH: 3-Year Old Hospitalized After Eating A Bag Of Crack!

Dam…this Philadelphia toddler was in daycare when the daycare worker saw a little girl chewing on something that wasn’t exactly food…crack cocaine. Hit the jump to read the full story.

White Dwarf Star Is Eating Planets

A white dwarf star is eating planets. Yup. Is it fate that the new Star Wars film is coming out or just ironic foreshadowing? Is Earth next on the menu? See what we’re talking about after the jump.

(Video) Woman Addicted To Eating Bricks?

Woman Addicted To Eating Bricks. Of all things on this planet to be addicted to such as Funnel cakes, Doritos locos tacos, five guys burger or Oreo cookies and cream candy bar, this London woman chooses bricks.. Yes, actual building bricks. Click read more to check out the video.

(18+ Video) This Banned Commercial May Turn Your ‘Head’!!

This commercial had to be banned, at least in Japan, but I couldn’t see this air in the US either, but it’s funny if you’re not paying attention…

(Warning: 18+ Video) Old Video Leaks Of Joseline Hernandez Stripping, Eating Box & More!!

Remember on the show when Joseline threatened to leave Steebie, and he said ‘yeah, leave me to go back to that life.’, or When Joseline said she built her current life, and Steebie said ‘I took you out of the club, and gave you all this’, Well this video shows exactly what he saved her from, and he’s right, she will NOT leave him to go back to this.

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