Update: (Photos) Guess Which MTV Reality Star Has Been Arrested NOW !!!

* 2/11/13 – 3:10pm Looks like Salwa will not make it to record the next season of “BUCKWILD,” since the police were watching them for a while. When I say them, I mean Salwa, Shawn L. Booker and Jason D. Jones. The two, in addition to Salwa that owned the home that was raided. When police got a tip about a “shipment” to their home, they went and watched. What they observed was heavy traffic in and out the house and the people only staying for a short amount of time. You know the boys was not having that, so they went and got a warrant. When they raided the house they found the three “suspects” hiding in a shed. Oxycodone, heroin, and large amounts of money were found. Oh yeah, get ready to watch your show from a cell. Wait, innocent until proven guilty. _____________________________________________ * 2/11/13 – 11:20am Talk about country! So, if your a television buff like myself, then you have at least HEARD of one of MTV’s newer shows, “BUCKWILD.” One day I stopped to see what it was about and from that point on, every Thursday I was glued to the television. These kids are a hot mess, but they’re FUNNY as ever. Cast member, Salwa Amin has been arrested and it’s a felony charge. Darn it! Just when the network announced that they were going to do another season. What’s up with the people that MTV casts ??? Drop down bottom for more details.

NFL: Broncos’ DE Elvis Dumervil Charged With Felony Assault With a Firearm

Broncos star defensive end Elvis Dumervil was arrested in Miami and charged with aggravated assault with a firearm, according to court records in Miami-Dade County. The charge is a third-degree felony.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

Russell Brand Facing Felony Charge

Russell Brand turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest in a cell phone incident involving the paparazzi. Brand allegedly smashed a pap’s iPhone and threw it out of a window in New Orleans. Yesterday Brand was arrested and was charged with what everyone thought would be a misdemeanor, but it turns out the charge is a felony! Read more below. Julie1205

New Law Could Make Choking Someone A Felony

A new law could make choking someone a felony. The law is in an attempt to have stronger protection against domestic violence. Lawmakers say that when the law goes into affect the crime rate could majorly increase the crime rate for the first time in 20 years.  Before this law, choking someone was just a misdemeanor or harassment case. Read more about the law after the jump. @Julie1205

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