(Photo) NBA: Report, Marc Gasol Has No Interest In Knicks, Drops Hint About Possible New Team

Knicks fans…you can all let go of the hope that we were going to be able to sign Marc Gasol in the off season and steal him away from Memphis. He just made it very clear that New York will not be a destination for him and can you blame him? The entire franchise is a joke, and with the exception of the 2012-2013 season, we have been a joke for over a decade. Hopefully things will turn around next season, but Gasol won’t be apart of it. He did however drop a hint to a new possible location.

NFL: Josh Gordon to File Grievance Over Suspension That Will Affect His Free Agency

Josh Gordon failed another test, this time for alcohol and has been suspended for the entire 2015-16 season.  Now the Cleveland Browns wide receiver is filing a grievance, not for the year suspension but for the suspension that occurred in week 17 that now has a lot of significance.

NBA: Guess Which Superstar Forward The Spurs Are Looking Into Pursuing

With Tim Duncan’s career winding down, the Spurs reportedly looking for a replacement to take the team into the next generation. Sources are indicating that Memphis Grizzlies star Marc Gasol is on their radar. Hit the jump for details.

NBA: Chris Bosh Admits To Why He Chose To Stay With The Heat Instead Of Joining The Houston Rockets

Over the summer, many speculated that Bosh would follow LeBron and leave the Heat to become the first option for another team. Bosh revealed that one of the main reasons why he decided not to join the Rockets was due to pressure. Hit the jump for details.

NBA: Another Team Is Emerging As A Potential Destination For Kevin Durant Next Season

For the most part we’ve been hearing that the reigning league MVP was set to chose between the Washington Wizards and the Thunder, but recent reports are claiming that KD might be looking to join the Toronto Raptors. Hit the jump for details.

NBA Report: Lakers Will Pursue Rajon Rondo In Free Agency

The Lakers are 0-5 and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get any better despite or because of Kobe Bryant’s efforts.  The fact is they don’t really have a second best player.  So who will they target next year during free agency?  There’s one major name in the pool and it’s Boston Celtics point guard, Rajon Rondo.

NBA: Kevin Durant Is Rumored To Want To Choose Between Two Teams During Free Agency

Even though the season just started, The OKC Superstar is on the radar of various teams, and rumor has it that he’s making it know that he is only interested in two. Hit the jump for details.

NBA: Knicks Hire ‘Kevin Durant’s Guy’ & Fuels Rumors About KD’s Free Agency in 2016

We heard the rumors last month that Kevin Durant would consider the Knicks during his free agency in 2016 — well now fans are really taking that possibility seriously since the Knicks just signed one of his guys.  Hit the jump for details…

NBA: It’s Early!!! But Here’s the Teams Kevin Durant Will Reportedly Consider During Free Agency

Kevin Durant is the next superstar we will here incessant reports about as it gets closer to his free agency, which begins after the 2015-16 season.  It’s already known that the Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards will vie for his services but there’s three other teams in the mix.

NBA: Derrick Rose Reveals What He Said to Lure Carmelo to Bulls & How He Feels About Him Choosing Knicks

Derrick Rose is not the typical star of today that’s buddy-buddy with the other stars.  In fact there were numerous reports that Rose would not participate in the Bulls recruitment of Carmelo Anthony.  That didn’t mean that Rose didn’t want Anthony in Chicago, it actually was quite the opposite.  Rose wanted Anthony to join him and even went out of his usual character and made a small pitch.

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