(Photo) NBA: Heat Fans Start Go Fund Me Page To Pay Dwyane Wade’s Salary

Pat Riley and the owner of the Heat may not be showing Dwyane Wade the love and respect he deserves but the fans damn sure are. Wade received a low ball offer of $10 million to return to the Heat next season. As you saw yesterday, average players who haven’t done much were getting way more than that so there is no way that Wade would accept something like that. He felt disrespected so he started talking with other teams but the Heat fans absolutely love Wade and don’t want to see him go. They did the only thing they could do to help, which was to start a GoFundMe page with the intentions of making up the $10 million in salary that the team offered him compared to what he wants!

Forget A $200 Date Or A $700 Date….Amber Rose Wants A $20k Date!

While some of you guys on Twitter are tripping about a $200 date or even the new threshold, $700 dates, the newly-single Amber Rose is willing to mingle…but it’s going to cost you $20,000. But hold up – it’s not as bad as you think! As you know, Amb has been bit by the acting bug as of late, and has been taking on roles left and right. The latest bit she’s signed up for is a film by the name of Cameron & Eddie Lose The Belt (ummm awkward since Wiz’s real name is Cameron!) and they are trying to fund the making of it with an IndieGogo campaign. With the goal at $1.5 million, there are tons of cool things you can get by donating money, and yes, $20,000 will get you a lunch date with Amber Rose. For all that, she better be paying the bill, huh? No word on who that’ll fall on, but I guess if you have $20k to hang with Amber, you probably have an extra $100 or so to pay for a meal. Well, unless she’s like the Twitter ladies…because then obviously it’ll be at least a $200 date. Ha! Head over to the site here to see what else you can get by donating!

(Photo) Woman Extracts Brain Dead Fiance’s Sperm To Fulfill Dream Of Family!!

Stephanie Lucas and Cameron Robinett were a young couple in love. When Camerons life was swiftly ended by a motorcycle accident Stephine took measures in her own hands.

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