(Photos) This App Will Help You Avoid Ebola!!!

Rather significant to the growing hysteria, maybe rightfully so with Ebola now contracted on US soil, the App, “Sick Weather”, can possibly keep you away from those with ‘like symptoms’!

NFL To Track Players Using GPS Devices

Isn’t this something?!  Technology is amazing and the NFL is taking full of advantage of it. They will use tracking devices to track players during games & practices. Details after the jump…

(Video) iPhone User’s Can Track Anything With THIS Device…Including Your Boo!!!

Technology is FINALLY starting to catch up for your daily needs, especially if you lose items daily, anything from car keys to TV remote, to your Boo(if you carefully place device)…Hit the Jump.

This GPS Does WHAT?!

Garmin is known for their great navigational systems but they’re newest innovation has your safety in mind. When using a GPS we usually have it on an obnoxious mount that we every now and then have to take our eyes off the road to see exactly where we are to go next. Hit the jump to see what Garmin has come out with to alleviate this problem..

TomTom Isn’t Partnering With WHO For It’s Latest Watch?!?!?

TomTom announced today, it will be launching a new GPS sport watch. In the past, the company has partnered up with Nike to create GPS sport devices, but in a press release today there was no mention of the sports gear giant.

GPS Bracelet That Alerts Incase Of An Emergency

The Natalia Project is a GPS bracelet that sends an alert to other members when the wearer is abducted or assaulted. When the alert is triggered, messages to other members are sent via Twitter and Facebook detailing the exact time and location of the assault.

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