(Video) Teen Beats His 69-Year-Old Grandmother To Death For Hiding His Beer

Eighteen-year-old Dylan Broughman has now been arrested and charged with the murder of his 69-year-old grandmother. Police say they responded to a domestic disturbance between Broughman and Joyce Courson. The two were fighting due to Courson taking her grandson’s beer and hiding it while he was showering.

(Video) Grandma Is Not Here For Hillary Clinton Nor Donald Trump

One Grandma is not here for Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump. In a video we see a woman stating she does not give a crap about Hillary Nor Donald Trump.

(Video) Grandma Gets Right With A Police Officer

Caught on camera, we see a grandma going toe to toe with police. As the cop is trying to arrest her, she is not having it.

(Video) Grandma Pulls A Knife Out On Her Grandson For Being Disrespectful

A grandmother and her grandkids are in the car when things take a hilarious turn. The grandmother shows she plays no games when it comes to disrespect. she takes a knife out of her bag and tells her grandson to ‘shut the f*ck up.’ Don’t mess with grandma!

(Video) Get It Grandma: 78-Year Old Becomes Weightlifter; Deadlifts 230 LBS.

Jeez the grandmas have been turnin up lately lmao…this 78 year old is taking her age in stride and staying fit, traveling the country to compete in weightlifting competitions and winning! But there’s a catch…haha. Hit the jump!

(Video) 80-Year Old Daredevil Grandma Hanging 100 Feet In The Air….

Yeaaaa lmao. There’s really not much to say here…you read the title. Hit the jump!

(Video) LMAO!: Someones Granny Gets Busy Dancing To The Tootsie Roll

Remember the 90’s dance the Tootsie Roll by the 69 Boys? Well looks like someones grandmother brought it into 2016. Someones granny was getting busy at an outdoor event and let just say granny still got it. LMAO! Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) LMFAO: Girl Goes In On Her Grandmother For Masturbating

This grandma has no shame in her game as she sits in her granddaughter’s car and tells her about her body exploring. The granddaughter goes off on her grandmother telling her never to put her mouth on any of her beverages again.

Yikes: Girl Goes Off After Catching Her Grandmother Masturbating

Gross. I don’t know about for you guys but it’s pretty awkward to talk about masturbating with your girlfriends but imagine listening to your grandmother talk about it (barfs). One granddaughter caught her grandmother on camera spilling her dirty little secrets, while they argue about sharing a drink. Despite being disgusting to think about, it’s pretty funny to watch. Check it out below.

(Video) Lmao!! 72 Year-Old Grandma Loses Her Dentures While Sky Diving

Jaw-dropping indeed. Watch this hilarious video of grandma living her life to the fullest and losing her dentures some thousands of feet up in the sky.

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