(Photo) NFL: SMH, Suspended Greg Hardy Makes Terrible 9/11 Joke While Trying To Clown His Old Team

Greg Hardy is an absolute idiot! I try to write as many things as possible from a neutral stance but not today. This low life Hardy just can’t keep himself out of the news even though he should be thanking God he isn’t in jail and is still in the NFL. This moron, who isn’t smart enough to lay low after getting off from domestic violence charges thanks to a very stupid loophole in North Carolina law and paying off the woman who was accusing him, now finds himself in hot water and this time for a tasteless joke about 9/11.

(Video) Here’s How You Get Arrested For Posting On Instagram!

Now I’ve told people ‘Do Not Post your dirt on social media’, but I guess I have to expand my writing to include ‘Do Not Post Fake Dirt On Social Media’ EITHER!!!

Justin Bieber Suing Merchandiser For $100,000 After Being Called ‘An Idiot’

Of all the wild and crazy stunts that Justin Bieber has pulled – his latest stunt, egging someone’s home – he doesn’t seem to think that ‘idiot’ best suits his character. Wall Celebrity, a merchandiser who sells vinyl wall copies of Justin’s music, was hit with a lawsuit after the company’s leader, Gianni Giannulli took it to the world wide web to announce JB’s idiotic ways. The “All That Matters” singer and Bravado International Group Merchandising Services wants their money for the bashing comment. The contract between JB and Wall Celebrity entailed a clause that should have forced them to say NOTHING bad about the singer. Now, $100,000 later…

(Video) Caught On Tape: Arrested Man Pulls Gun In The Backseat Of A Squad Car

These 2 cops are extremely lucky this guy was not only drunk, but an idiot as well!!

Auto(Video) This Person Deserves To Be Run Over!

You don’t need a bad case of road rage to want to beat the life out of this pedestrian. China has gained a reputation, as being the worst place regarding people jaywalking right in traffic. This video you will see a person casually walk across what looks like a pretty busy avenue. With no regards for his own life, or the life of the driver’s passing by, he continues on as if he owns the road and it is his right to just walk. If you notice the light is GREEN for traffic coming towards him. He 100% causes a truck to crash into a pole, after the driver tries to not kill the person and swerves out of the way. I am not that nice. I would of either bumped his a** with my car softly to prove a point, or politely pulled over and politely smacked his head off. I got road rage just watching, lol. Check the video after the jump.

(Video) NBA: Check Out How This TV Station Labels Metta World Peace

Sabrina B. I have a feeling some of you might like this. Lol. Last night the internets buzzed about the veracity of a photo showing the lower third graphic from a TV newscast identifying Lakers ne’er-do-well Metta World Peace as…

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