There He Goes Again…50 Cent Takes A Jab At Ronda Rousey With Floyd Mayweather Antagonizing Meme

He ain’t going nowhere….50 continues his shade throwing rampage this evening by taking a jab at the recovering Ronda Rousey with his infamous twitter fingers. Hit the jump.

(Photos) NBA: SMH, Don’t Do It To Yourself! Mario Chalmers Throws Small Jab At Lebron

Mario Chalmers better reign in whatever way he is feeling about Lebron. During media day today he decided to take a slight jab at Bron and act almost as if he was nobody. Although it was just a small little jab, you know he was feeling like he wanted to say more and thought better of it. This would be the second time this off season that Chalmers talked about Bron in not so favorable of a light. Chalmers better realize Lebron is basically the only reason he has enjoyed a decent and successful career up to this point. If you think Lebron won’t remember this when the Cavs & Heat play you better think again. Check out the tweet from one of the members of the media covering the Heat for media day and how Chalmers referred to Bron!

(PHOTO) NBA: Paul George Is LATE With Shot at LeBron, But Then Gets Mad at Fans For Getting at Him

Oh Paul George, maybe you should give social media a break for a minute?!  LOL.  Paul posted up a pic late last night on Instagram & of course after the the situation with LeBron cramping up in game 1, everyone assumed he was getting at LBJ. There’s a couple things wrong with this.  1. Everyone has already done it and 2. He’s 5/6 days late.  Annnnnd if it just happens to be a coincidence — really bad timing.  Where are Paul George’s friends to advise him?! Smh. Anyways, Twitter apparently went at him after he posted it & then he had a message back for those fans.  Check it out…

(Video) NBA: Ouch! Potential Top Pick Jabari Parker Throws Jab At New York Knicks

Jabari Parker is a lock to be chosen in the top 3 of the upcoming NBA draft, and may even be the first overall pick. Judging by his comments this week on the Dan Patrick show he is happy the Knicks have no chance to draft him. Jabari speaks on among other things, the potential new rule of players having to stay in college at least two years and what made him decide to enter the draft instead of return to Duke. The best part however is when he gets compared to Carmelo ( which he loves ) and Dan Patrick tries to take a playful jab at Melo by telling Jabari “but you pass” to which Parker responded “but I have a team” lol. The kid was busy all basketball season but still paid enough attention to know the Knicks had nobody.

NBA: Rajon Rondo Gets 9 Stitches Playing Against Raptors — Takes Shot at LeBron After!

Rajon Rondo needed 9 stitches to close a gash above his nose after being elbowed during yesterday’s game against the Raptors.  Without a doubt, the guy is tough … he even returned to the game after getting stitched up.  So what does LeBron have to do with any of this (besides their history)?!  In a postgame interview, Rajon was asked about wearing a mask and he decided it was a good time to take a small jab at LBJ.  Get it in where you can right?! Lol.  Check it out…

(Video) Samsung Takes Jab At Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon In New Commercial Galaxy Pro Tablet

Samsung’s newest device, the Galaxy Pro, got a new commercial, and the theme is ‘It can Do that?’, which is owners of iPad, Surface, and Kindle’s alike asking how The Galaxy Pro can do something they can’t….

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