(Video) NBA: J.R. Smith Allows Wide-Open Dunk After Walking to Sideline to Hug Jason Terry During Game

Only J.R. Smith… The Cleveland Cavaliers guard walked over to Jason Terry – who was sitting on the bench – and gave him a hug, leaving Tony Snell wide open to take an uncontested shot.

NBA: Jason Terry Says He Offered His Services to the Lakers & They Said No

Before signing with the Milwaukee Bucks, Jason Terry said he reached out to multiple contenders.  He also spoke with the Lakers, wanting to add veteran leadership, but they turned him down.

NBA: Draymond Green Says Warriors Literally Laughed At Jason Terry’s Guarantee That Houston Would Win Game 5

Because Jason Terry is not the player he once was, some of you may have not even known he had guaranteed a game five victory for his Houston Rockets over the Warriors. As you know by now, the Warriors made easy work of Houston, beating them 114-81 and putting them out of their misery. Some of the Warriors players heard about the guarantee and even though they respect Terry, they had a good laugh at his expense.

NBA: Jason Terry Suggests Gregg Popovich & Spurs Were Behind A/C Malfunction

There was an electrical failure in the A/C unit at the AT&T Center during game 1 of the NBA Finals.  The problem has since been fixed but there were conspiracy theories floating around that the Spurs had been practicing without AC and purposely tried to sabotage the Heat.  Most people were joking but Kings veteran guard Jason Terry hinted that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich was indeed responsible.

NBA: Jason Terry Out For the Rest of the Season

Jason Terry will spend the rest of the season in Dallas rehabbing his knee, according to the Sacramento Bee. Terry was acquired earlier this week in a trade with the Nets and he was not happy about it.

NBA: Nets Acquire Kings’ Marcus Thornton For Jason Terry & Reggie Evans

We heard it was coming and now it’s a done deal. The Brooklyn Nets have traded Jason Terry & Reggie Evans to the Sacramento Kings for Marcus Thornton. Hit the jump for more details…

(Photo) NBA: Poster of Lebron Dunking on Jason Terry Being Sold For $899.99

I’m sure everyone remembers the now infamous dunk Lebron James did over poor Jason Terry.  The Jet was posterized literally and now it’s reportedly being sold for a whopping $899.99.

NBA: Jason Terry Talks His Return (To Boston on Wednesday); Pierce & Garnett Won’t Play

I know it’s just preseason, but it will still be an interesting match-up.  Jason Terry will make his preseason debut Wednesday night (back from surgery on his knee) in Boston (Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce will not play).  Check out what Jason had to say about his return after the jump…

NBA: Jason Terry Adding Another Tattoo To His Collection; This Time It Will Rep The Brooklyn Nets

Jason Terry just loves to get tattoos of his teams huh?!  We saw it with the Mavs (when they won the 2011 Title), the Celtics (last season) & now he’s going to get a Brooklyn Nets one. So what is he going to get?!  He revealed his plans.  Details after the jump…

NBA: Shots Fired?! Jason Terry Has Something To Say About JR Smith’s Knicks Title Guarantee!

The rivalry is REAL!  Looks like Jason Terry wants another elbow to his head?! Lol.  A lot of people have had things to say about JR Smith guaranteeing a Knicks title and now Jason Terry has chimed in.  He better stop it! #Knicks Check out what he had to say & weigh in…

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