Damn, Guess Freddie Gibbs & Young Jeezy Didn’t Part Ways On The Best Of Terms!

A few years back, Freddie Gibbs was one of the biggest new names buzzing in music. He landed a coveted spot on the XXL Freshmen cover back in 2010, and in 2011, Young Jeezy scooped him up as the flagship artist on his CTE imprint. 2 years later, though, not much had come of it and the guys parted ways. Jeezy actually cleared the whole label out, so as to make for a fresh start. Apparently, it wasn’t the best of ways to part and today via a couple tweets and a radio interview, Gibbs revealed the two didn’t end on the best terms. Listen to what he had to say below and check his tweets in the gallery!

IFWT Would Like To Say Happy Birthday To Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has turned 29 today. Happy Birthday Cudi, enjoy. His label better be acting right, at least on his day. LoL! Drop down bottom.

(Photo) Wow! Look At How A Store In London Labels Chris Brown’s CD

I feel like every time Chris Brown begins to leave his past in the past, something comes around and bites him right in the behind. Obviously what Chris Brown did to Rihanna was wrong and I do not condone domestic violence from either sex, but why can’t his music be separate from his past? Rihanna has personally forgiven Chris for his actions and although the picture of her beaten, bloody face is still fresh in our memories, I think it’s time to forgive Chris at least his music. A store in London is currently selling Chris’ latest album Fortune with a sticker that reads, “Warning: Do Not buy this album! This Man Beats Women.” I’m curious if they will have a label on the DVD/Blu-Ray of The Dark Knight Rises saying “Warning: The star of this film beats women, including his own mother” given Christian Bale’s past with abuse? Probably not. The store didn’t put the labels on themselves, but they are still selling the CDs that way so clearly they support the message. Often I feel like Chris Brown gets it the worst because we actually saw the pictures of Rihanna’s face, is that why the world is having a hard time cutting him some slack? See the picture of his album below. Julie A.

MMG Signs A New Member!

A new name has been added to the MMG roster, made official last night when Rick Ross posted a photo to Instagram of this young upcomer signing his deal. Who is it? Find out below! Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Ever Wonder Who’s In G.O.O.D. Music??

If you have ever wondered who is under Kanye’s label, Kanye introduces them in a picture.  Hit the jump to see his G.O.O.D. Music fam! Steph Bassanini

(Video) NBA: Check Out How This TV Station Labels Metta World Peace

Sabrina B. I have a feeling some of you might like this. Lol. Last night the internets buzzed about the veracity of a photo showing the lower third graphic from a TV newscast identifying Lakers ne’er-do-well Metta World Peace as…

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