MLB: L.A. Dodgers Hit Up Lance Bass & More For LGBT Night

The L.A. Dodgers have announced the team is bringing back LGBT night at Dodger Stadium next month with a bunch of huge stars including Lance Bass.

A New *NSync Album Was Just Released and Nobody Knew It Was Happening—Not Even *NSync!

Could this be the reunion album we’ve all been waiting for? Not quite. But Justin Timberlake, Lance Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick, JC Chasez and Joey Fatone are back! Sort of.

(Photo) *NSYNC Reunites Again…But It Had Nothing To Do With Music

Following their big “comeback” performance at the 2013 VMA’s this year, *NSYNC reunited once again this past weekend…though it had nothing to do with music. They’ve already stated that they wouldn’t be getting back together as a group, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be there for each other’s big moments! Chris Kirkpatrick tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Karly Skladany in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, and the whole group was there to celebrate. “He got us the cheapest tuxes there he could possibly get, which I think is so Chris and very lovely. I mean that’s just who he is,” Lance Bass dished on his radio show. “I think it’s hilarious to know that Justin Timberlake is going to be in a Men’s Warehouse tux ushering the wedding.” Congrats!

(Photo) Amanda Bynes Is Going To Film Herself Doing WHAT?!?

The train wreck that is Amanda Bynes continues. While Lance Bass says Amanda is definitely not herself these days, she continues to let everyone know exactly what she’s doing. Now Amanda Bynes is going to film herself during a procedure and release it online. So what exactly is Amanda doing? Find out what she tweeted in the gallery.

NBA: Guess Which Singer Jason Collins Went To For Advice On How To Reveal He’s Gay?

At least Jason Collins had someone that could help support and direct him on how to get through such a big decision….revealing he’s gay.  So which pop star helped the NBA baller and what advice did he have?! Details after the jump…

(Photo) LMAO! Miley Cyrus Wants To Be Lance From N*Sync So Bad

LOL! TMZ made a very funny reference about Miley Cyrus looking like Lance Bass so I had to share the photo with y’all. Check out the photo of the comparison in the gallery! Biz Baby

(Video) Lance Bass: “When I Came Out To Britney”

On the Wendy Williams Show, Lance Bass discussed how he eventually came out of the closet! He came out to none other than Britney Spears! See below for video footage. Eloisa Melo

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