(Video) Black Man Says He Will Start Sticking His License On His Forehead While Driving To Avoid Being Shot By Police

A black man states in a recent video he will start driving around with his license on his forehead so police cant shoot him for reaching for it. Not that this man was making a joke about recent police killings but its kind of like what else is there to do.

Smh…Wannabe Rapper Arrested For Giving Cop Mixtape Instead Of Driver’s License

Yeah…this really happened. This guy must have been really feelin’ himself for pulling a move like that, especially with all the police brutality running rampid. But nonetheless, this is funny…not so much for the arrestee lol. Hit the jump.

JFK’s License Plates Sold At Auction For $100,000

The license plates that were on the car President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in, have sold this weekend for much more than they were up to bid for. Read the full story after the jump.

Azealia Banks Wants To Go Back To School!

Harlem femcee Azealia Banks is infamous for starting controversy online with basically…. every single rapper in the industry. However come to find out, the slick talker doesn’t even have her GED or her license! Banks took to her Twitter to say, “I want to get my GED/TASC and my drivers license by the end of 2015.” She then asked, “How does one take an online course? what does that entail?” As imagined, people started ripping Banks a new one, asking how she’s going to always criticize everyone else but didn’t even graduate high school and can’t even drive a car. OUCH! She is 24-years-old so at this point, it’s now or never. Do you agree with the Azealia slander or is she getting props for trying to at least go back to get her GED now? Sound off below and let us know your thoughts on this.

Charles Manson One-Month Away From Being A Married Man?!?!

A man like Charles Manson really shouldn’t be granted to privilege of marriage, however the 80-year-old prisoner has been granted a marriage certificate to marry 26-year-old, Afton Elaine Burton. Check out the details down bottom.

Boxing: Smart Man! Floyd Mayweather’s Company Gets Promoters License — Here’s What It Means!

Yesterday Mayweather Promotions (the company headed by Floyd) was granted a Nevada promoter’s license in a unanimous vote by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.  So what does it mean for Mayweather?!  He’s securing his future.  In the words of Hov — he’s a business, mannn.  Check it out…

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