(Video) Almond Milk Company Being Sued For Containing Almost No Almonds

The claim of false advertisement is being made against a very popular almond milk brand. Read more as we further expound.

(Photos) Bad Gal Status: Rihanna Gives Us A Side Boob View As She Rocks A Sexy White Tom Ford Dress!

This may sound ‘out there’ but if my boobs were the same size as Rihanna’s, I would wear something like this as well. The fashion sensation was the center of attention Wednesday evening, during the amfAR Inspiration Gala held in Los Angeles’ MILK venue. The night’s honoree was Tom Ford, and he got just that with Rihanna wearing a white Tom Ford dress from his SS 2015 collection. It only popped more with the purple sequenced covered boobs. Check it out after the jump.

(Video) Sports: Eww! ESPN’s Mike Greenberg Loses Bet — Has To Milk A Cow & It Sh*ts at The Same Time

Hilarious, yet gross!!  ESPN’s Mike Greenberg gets pooped on by a cow while milking its udder as part of Mike & Mike’s 2014 NCAA tournament bracket wager payoff. Mike Golic couldn’t be happier. Lol. Check it out…

9 Month Old Baby Charged With Attempted Murder !

These babies ain’t playing no more, you better give them their bottle when they ask for it! A 9 month old baby along with 30 other people in Pakistan has been charged with attempted murder after a protest. Read more about the bizarre case below.

(Photos) Whoa! Funniest, Awkward Pictures Of Kim Kardashian!

Not sure why I think this picture is hilarious but it’s just so damn awkward. You can tell what Kim is used to and where she doesn’t belong and it’s really apparent in these pics! At least she was being a trooper! Check her petting a camel awkwardly in the gallery!

Drinking Milk After Eating Sugary Food Does WHAT?!?

Researchers from University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry stated that drinking milk after eating cereal was found to reduce plaque acid levels and may prevent damage to tooth enamel that leads to cavities. They claim that after eating the cereal, acid forms from the combination of starches and plaque. What milk does, is increase the pH levels, which reduce the amounts of acid that sits on teeth.

(Video) The Rock Got Milk! Super Bowl Commercial

Check the new “Got Milk” type of ad with The Rock after the jump.

(Video) Six Puppies, One Dish, Adorable Trick!!

These Scottish terrier Puppies are super cute, their owner filled up a dish with milk. Watch as they dine together in an orderly fashion, well, sort of. I bet you cant watch just once.

‘Dairy Cliff’: Milk Prices May Double In New Year!!

So, CNN broke down the situation like this. “In order to keep dairy farmers in buisinesses, the government agrees to buy milk and other products if the price gets too low. The current aggriculture bill has a formula that means the government steps in if the price of milk were to drop roughly from its current national average of about $3.65 a gallon.” Sooo… in a nutshell, it seems like just when prices for gas were easing their way down we now have to spend that money so we’re not eating dry cereal. RUSS B

(Fellas Check The Pics! Kinda NSFW) Egypt Nicole Covering Her Naked Body With Milk!!!

Egypt Nicole covering her naked body with milk!! Hit the jump to see the kinda NSFW pics! DJTech4

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