NFL Player Could Lose MILLIONS Because of His Twitter Bio

Amazing how social media can help … or hurt you.  Here’s an example where an NFL players’ Twitter bio could cost him over $5 million — and it’s all over how he should be labeled.  Check out what’s going on with New Orleans Saints player Jimmy Graham…

(Video) Stevie J Locked Up For Owing MILLIONS In Child Support

LMAO! This is more than just a stunt – it’s real life! Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Stevie J talks a good one – about finances – but has been arrested for owing more than a million dollars in child support payments. If would seem that Stevie’s former girlfriend gave birth in 97′ and in 99′ he was ordered to pay $6,600 in monthly child support payments, which was then raised to $8,500. After 01′ he stopped paying. 13 years later, the slick talking piano player owes $1,107,412. Georgia has now caught up with the reality star and it was caught on film. Check it out down bottom.

(Photos) Just Blaze Weighs In On ‘$20 Million Jay Z Extortion Plot’!

The renown producer and Roc affiliate, Just Blaze has weighed in on the arrest and allegations brought up against engineer Chauncy Mahan, who allegedly planned a 10 year plot to extort records stolen from the Roc-afella vault! Just Blaze is not surprised at the ex-engineer’s practice, and the situation has rekindled a few Roc memories, click below for the posts.

Sports: These Guys Make Millions From The NBA WithOUT Lifting a Finger!!

Those are two smart brothers!!  Wow, this is an interesting/crazy story (some of you may know about it, but I just learned about it — so passing knowledge forward).  Can you imagine making millions for doing nothing?!  Just because you made a smart decision over 30 years ago?! Check it out…

NFL: Dwight Freeney Swindled Out of Millions & Wants His Ex-Financial Advisor Locked Up

I’m with Freeney on this one.  It wouldn’t happen, but if someone swindled millions from me — I would want their ass locked up!!  And that’s exactly what the Chargers LB is trying to do. Details after the jump…

Toyota Loses Lawsuit And Is Ordered To Pay HOW Many Millions?!?!

Well if you think you’re having financial issues today think again, someone’s got you beat! Toyota Motor Corp has been ordered by an Oklahoma jury to pay millions to victims in reparations, due to an unintentional acceleration defect in some its Camry models, hit the jump for more!

NBA: Kings Sign Demarcus Cousins To 4 Year Extension Worth $62 Million!!

According to reports, the Sacramento Kings have decided to invest in the future of their best young player. DeMarcus Cousins, the sometimes troubled, but extremely talented young big man, was given a 4 year contract extension worth just over $60 million dollars. With the trade during the off season that sent Tyreke Evans to the Pelicans, it became clear who the Kings wanted to build around. He has always flashed a brilliant and athletic type of game, especially for a big man, but his run-ins with coaches and teammates at times have taken away from his talent on the court. Lately however, Cousins seems to be maturing. His coach mentioned how Cousins works out on his own time and organizes things for his teammates so they can all get together. With the addition of Shaq as a minority owner in the team, everyone is expecting him to mentor the young star so he can leave the nonsense alone and develop into the all-star that he can be.

Well Damn! Britney Spears Is Worth HOW Much?!?!

Ever wondered what all those 90’s teeny-bopper’s current worth is? Well, thanks to official court documents that were released, we gained knowledge of Britney Spears current net-worth… and let’s just say that it’s not too shabby at all! Click below to find out how much the “Opps, I Did It Again” singer is worth.

(Photos) WOW! Diddy Is Selling WHAT Worth $10.9MiL?!

Talk about doing the #DiddyJetDance all the way to the bank! Diddy is trying to get that PAPER for a sell of something he use to love. Hit the jump to find out what it is.

(Photo) What’s Cooking?? Jay Z & ‘Zuck’ Meet Up At Facebook HQ!!!

I wonder…of course Big Hov has been out doing his thing for way longer, BUT Mark Z has WAY more mula, and we know J respects $!! Either way, the meeting of the Z’s is a bit historical!!

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