10 Weird Jobs That Can Make You Lots Of Money

the more unusual occupations have some special advantages. They often have less competition, which can mean higher wages as an employee and higher profit margins as a business owner. Hit the jump to see the list. Funk Flex

Robbers Pretend To Be Social Workers, Steal Several Thousand Dollars In Cash And Jewelry

Two neatly-dressed men passing themselves off as social workers in the Bronx were really push-in robbers. They invaded a Norwood apartment, getting away with several thousand dollars in cash and jewelry. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

Pacific Island To Start Making “Star Wars” Money

A economically struggling Pacific island is doing something interesting to help it’s economy, making Star Wars coins! This time won’t be the first time that the Pacific island state of Niue is creating something to help boost it’s economy, the island created stamps for William and Kate’s Royal Wedding. The stamps were scrapped because of the perforated line that split the Prince and Duchess but this time Niue is positive that they have a sure thing on their hands, especially since Star Wars fans are known to be collectors. Hopefully it works out for the Niue economy! Read more about the coins after the jump. @Julie1205

Tech Talk Rumor Is: Leaked iPhone Cases Bring NEW Mock Up!!!

Ok those cases for the iPhone 5 that leaked gave Macrumors the idea of having CiccareseDesign do a rendering of what the iPhone 5 would look like, all specs we know are included, Hit the Jump to see it for yourself, it def kinda Clean!!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

NYC To Spend $127M On Programs For Young Blacks & Latinos

New York City will spend $127 million in public and private funds on programs designed to help young black and Latino men. Continue reading after the jump. @capriSUNshine

MIXTAPE: Lil Wayne – Rap Phenomenon

Check out this collection of exclusive Weezy blends and remixes after the jump. @DjRellyRell

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