(Video) Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah Carey Cheating Rumors On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

_Nick Cannon Responds To Mariah Carey Cheating Rumors

Nick Cannon recently responded to Mariah Carey cheating rumors on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with host Andy Cohen. Check out the video below of his response and read more on the story after the jump!

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(Photos) Uh Oh! Is This Nick Cannon’s New Girlfriend?!


Although Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are going through a very public divorce, it seems like it is not stopping the lover boy from testing out the waters with new females. Nick was spotted out and about at a New Jersey grocery store with Maybeline model, Jessica White. Now although there is no conformation that these two are romantically involved, it seems to me that they are more than friends from the looks of it.

According to Page Six, “White was in thigh-high boots and a very short white dress. She had on the same clothes when she was photographed with Cannon and model Amber Rose at mur.mur nightclub at the Borgata in Atlantic City, where Cannon was DJing a party Saturday night.” Hmmmm, sounds like a couple to me!

Do you think it is too soon for Nick to be dating? Or is he gucci? Drop your thoughts below and check out some pics of the model over in the gallery.

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(Photo) OK WE GET IT! : Nick Cannon Adds To The Massive Back Tattoo That Covers Mariah Carey’s Name


Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon ended up splitting some time ago and it looks like Nick Cannon had to do something about that huge Mariah Tattoo on his back. Well he added some dope art to it previously but apparently he wasn’t so satisfied . Nick Cannon Adds To The Massive Back Tattoo That Covers Mariah Carey’s Name. hop into the post for very detailed photos !!! Nick Cannon Adds To The Massive Back Tattoo That Covers Mariah Carey’s Name #IFWT

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WELP: Mariah Carey Sells Shared Mansion With Nick Cannon… & He Has NO IDEA!

Nick & Mariah

…And the Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey divorce saga continues! According to a new lawsuit, Nick claims he never authorized Mariah to sell their shared $9M Bel-Air mansion. In fact, he believes their business manager Michael Kane is the brains behind it because he has apparently only been working closely with Mariah’s people throughout the entire divorce. However, it is not the sale of the house that the “Wild ‘N Out” host is mad about. He’s annoyed because he was left completely uninformed about the entire ordeal and wants to simply be kept up-to-date to see how much money he will be getting from the sale of their home.

Kane has dubbed the lawsuit as “frivolous” and says the entire thing is “clearly a desperate act from a sadly desperate man.” WELP, tell us how you really feel, Mike. Until further notice, Nick wants $9M frozen until an actual number can be determined. Check out some photos from their joint mansion over in the gallery.

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New Couple Alert! You’ll Never Guess Who Nick Cannon Took Out For Valentine’s Day!


Looks like there’s a new couple alert, or so we think. Page Six reports that on Valentine’s Day, Wild’n Out star Nick Cannon took Nicole Murphy on a very romantic date for the lovey dovey holiday. The two were spotted at Tavern on the Green engaging in a low-lot romantic dinner. “The couple showed up at 11 p.m., when most other diners were already gone,” said a witness. “They were holding hands across the table, and gazing at each other throughout their meal.” The witness revealed that a Mariah Carey song awkwardly played and the couple in question paid no mind to it, and continued to look in each other’s eyes (aw, how sweet). They were also spotted not too long ago dining out with another couple at Bagatelle, but sources were denying any type of romance at the time.

Cannon is currently in the process of getting divorced from Mariah Carey while Murphy’s engagement from Michael Strahan was called off back in August. These two seem like a cute match! Do you think it’s just for show or that the two could possibly really like one another? We all know Nick got him a thaaannnnnngggg for the older pretty jawns. I suppose we shall see what comes of this new romance on the rise!

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Yikes: Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Ex-Nanny Is Suing Them For $100K For WHAT?!

Nick & Mariah

Looks like Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon don’t only have to deal with their divorce drama, but now they’re being sued by their former nanny is who making a bunch of wild claims about the famous duo. Simonette DaCosta is claiming she went to work for the estranged couple back in 2013 to take care of their twins in their home. She’s saying that Carey fired her for being “too friendly” and for “expressing too much affection for their children.” According to her, Carey was jealous over the relationship DaCosta had with children. To top it off, she was “ONLY” making $6,000-$7,000 a month and says she didn’t get paid for the tons of OT she put in. (Sidebar: as a nanny, that is AMAZING money.. I’m sleep, doe.)

“Plaintiff was on duty during all hours of each 24 hour day with no entitlement for breaks, for meals, and even for sleep. Indeed, Ms. Carey would often call plaintiff at hours in the middle of the night and demand to be taken to her children or to be updated on the status of her children,” the lawsuit says. “Ms. Carey would not tolerate any delay when she called and plaintiff had to attend to her every demand, spontaneous or otherwise.”

Looks like things can get messy from here on out.

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(Photo) Nick Cannon And Amber Rose Now Have Matching Ferraris


Nick Cannon And Amber Rose Now Have Matching Ferraris
Nick and Amber may have denied it time and time again in the passed , but this isnt something your manager does. With all these Suspect incidents, It’s going to be pretty hard for the two to deny rumors of them dating now. Coming Fresh out of throwing Instagram and all of its fellow social networks in a BODY BAG in recent weeks, Amber Rose posted a photo of her and Nick Cannon’s new matching Ferraris. Her captain read, “U guys like me and @nickcannon’s matching Ferraris?#HisandHers #Ncredible.” CLICK READ MORE TO SEE THE ALLEGED COUPLES MATCHING WHIPS !! #IFWT !

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Details Leak Of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s Iron Clad Pre-Nup Agreement; & No Wonder Nick Is On Mute!


While news broke in late 2014, that Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey’s marriage was in ruins and the two were separating. Looks like the inevitable has finally happened, as Nick has filed for a divorce from wife Mimi…..and NOW details leak of Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon’s iron clad Pre-Nup agreement; & no wonder Nick is on mute! Looks like Mimi’s smart legal team put together an air-tight confidentiality clause, and if either Nick OR Mimi speak on what went wrong in their union, they BOTH get slapped with some pretty pricey penalties. See details inside!

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It’s Done. Nick Cannon Files For Divorce From Mariah Carey


If you were holding out hope for these two, sorry to be the one to burst your bubble. It was he, Nick Cannon who actually filed the court papers to separate himself from wife, Mariah Carey. Divorce it is.

Hit the jump for more.

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(Photos) Still Coupled Up! Nick Cannon and Amber Rose Party Together At 1Oak

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose at 1oak

Nick Cannon and Amber Rose have been rumored to be a couple for some months now, following their very interestingly-same-time splits from their respective spouses, Mariah Carey and Wiz Khalifa. Since Nick signed on as Amber’s manager just before her split with Wiz, it raised a few eyebrows, and their frequent hangout sessions since then have only sparked the rumors more.

Last night, the pair once again added fuel to the fire, when they were spotted partying together at popular Las Vegas nightclub, 1oak. Check out the pics in the gallery and let us know what you think – just friends or something more?

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