(Video) Man Confronts A Pedophile Who Was Trying To Meet Up With A 13-Year-Old Girl

People in this world are honestly super sick! In a video, we see a man being confronted by a another man who played a undercover 13-year-old.

A Woman Sold Two Little Girls To A New Jersey Pedophile For Money

People do some crazy things for money, but to sell two little girls for it is something I truly have never heard of before. A New Jersey man by the name of Alfredo Rosales has been paying off a Philadelphia woman by the name of Esperanza Mani-Cortez for six years to sexually assault her two girls.

Secrete Service Agent Facing Charges For Sexting a 14 Year-Old

You would think that after being married and just introducing your second child into the world (who underwent surgery because of medical issues) you wouldn’t be talking to other women… let alone a 14 year old! SMFH, Pedophiles really know how to stoop low.

(Photo) Calvin Klein’s Upskirt Ad Stirs Some Controversy

Calvin Klein are known, and have been under-fire, for their sexually suggestive ads but this recent upskirt ad takes it to the next level.

(Photos + Video) West Village Shootout Leaves Fugitive Pedophile Dead, NYPD Officer & 2 US Marshalls Injured

It went down today for Charles Mozdir a fugitive pedophile suspected of molesting a 7-year-old boy in California. It wasn’t until he was featured on CNN that US Marshalls found him living in Greenwich Village. However, he wasn’t going out without a fight. When the Marshalls arrived to arrest him, along with an NYPD officer, he opened fire on them — injuring three of them. More info after the jump.

(Photos) Brooklyn Court Officer Is A Prolific WHAT???

A Brooklyn Court officer has been living two different lives, and, unfortunately neither of them were cool. Aside from the one that pays, the other is extremely creepy. In fact, 44-year-old Alberto Yard is a pedophile. According to assistant U.S. Attorney Margaret Gandy, Yard allegedly took pictures of naked children in his bedroom and also installed a secret camera in the bathroom to record children showering and using the toilet.

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