You would think that after being married and just introducing your second child into the world (who underwent surgery because of medical issues) you wouldn’t be talking to other women… let alone a 14 year old! SMFH, Pedophiles really know how to stoop low.

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The police officer who caught the secrete service agent (Lee Robert Moore) was posing as a 14 year old on Meet24 and Kik… of course. They police were on him for about two months, ever since his child was born experiencing the health problems.

But guess what? This wasn’t even his first offense. He faced a case in Broward County, Florida in 2014. Moore told police that he was talking with about 10 teenage girls, and said that the “absolute minimum” was 14 years old -.- Like, if that’s supposed to make everything better.

His charges included:

Attempted production of child pornography, attempted receipt of child pornography and using a computer to persuade, entice or coerce a minor to engage in a sex act.

I don’t know what’s more sick. The fact that this man did all of these things or the fact that he was a secrete service employee immediately after he was released from prison for talking to little girls and owning child porn.

Maybe this time he’ll be put away a lot longer and he’ll think twice before ever doing something like this again.

His charges now include:

Trying to transfer obscene material to a minor, sexual solicitation of a child under 18 and providing obscene material to a minor.