Joey Bada$$ Thinks The Secret Service Has Tapped His Phones & Is Watching Him

Ever since Malia Obama was seen wearing a Pro Era t-shirt…Bodmon thinks the Secret Service has been watching his every move…

Secrete Service Agent Facing Charges For Sexting a 14 Year-Old

You would think that after being married and just introducing your second child into the world (who underwent surgery because of medical issues) you wouldn’t be talking to other women… let alone a 14 year old! SMFH, Pedophiles really know how to stoop low.

(Video) Man Wrapped American Flag Hops The White House Fence On Thanksgiving

A man has been detained by the Secret Service after jumping over the fence and onto the North Lawn of the White House, while President Obama and the First Family were inside celebrating Thanksgiving. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Obama Responds: Man Who Crashed Drone Into White House Says He Was Drinking

So we’re going with the “Blame It On the Alcohol” on this one…Obama has responded about the incident which has drawn the Secret Service, Defense Department and “National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency” together after it’s been revealed the Man Who Crashed Drone Into White House Says He Was Drinking.

Woman With A Gun Is Arrested Outside The White House!

A woman with a gun is arrested outside the White House. She was spotted with a gun near the White House Fence. The White House is having more security breaches lately with a man being arrested outside the White House this past Wednesday after Secret Service agents found him with a hunting rifle and ammunition in his car. Read more on the recent story after the jump!

Man Arrested At White House After Weapon And Ammunition Where Found In His Car

The security at the White House is once again coming into question, as a man shows up to the White House with a rifle and ammunition in his car parked nearby.

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