Erica Mena Talks Growing As A Woman & Whether She & Bow Wow Are Getting A Prenup

During a sit down with ‘Ebro in the Morning’ on Hot 97, Erica Mena talks about her relationship with Bow Wow and where how she’s hoping to grow as a women, as opposed to a reality star, with the host of the now cancelled ‘106 & Park’. And to answer everyones question, no Bow Wow will not be on this season of Love and Hip Ho: New York. Drop down bottom for more.

No PRENUP?! Randy Jackson To Lose Half His Fortune In Divorce

Randy Jackson has 99 problems and a prenup is one! The former American Idol judge isn’t catching any breaks. Jackson, who spent twelve years on the show, is going through a divorce and the icing on the cake — he’s bound to lose half his fortune. See more below!

Woah: Amber Rose Will Get HOW MUCH From Prenup?!

Amber Rose made the decision to file for divorce from husband Wiz Khalifa due to his alleged infidelity issues (as she revealed via her Twitter account.) Before the two celebs got married, they signed off on a prenuptial agreement. Amb will end up walking away from her failed marriage with a nice little check for over $1 million dollars. Sources close to both Amb and Wiz say she was very insistent on the prenup, which is more than 8 pages long. However, Amber wants spousal support along with the money from the prenup and also full custody of their 1-year-old son, Sebastian. Since California is a “no fault” state, she’s being denied of the spousal support and will only receive her one-time payout from the prenup. SMH, what a mess.

NFL: WTH?! Still Trying To Get Deion’s Money?! Pilar Sanders Changes Her Last Name

Sorry Pilar, we all know what you’re doing and it’s not going to work.  Deion has a air tight prenup!  Check out what Pilar Sanders changed her name to & she reportedly joined some type of religious group. Hit the jump for details…

What?! Did Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Have Ridiculous Expectations For Their Marriage ?!

In light of the recent news that Sherri Shepherd and her husband, Lamar Sally, filing for divorce, information about what is going on in this battle are slowly surfacing day by day.

So A Prenup is Holding Up Kim And Kanye’s Wedding??!

After rumors of already being married were batted down by the Vogue couple, Kim and Kanye sources reportedly claim that the two have not yet wed due to issues with their prenup. More info after the jump.

OH, Makes Sense! So THIS Is What’s Holding Up The KimYe Wedding!

The rumor mill has been spinning with allegations that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wed in a private ceremony and are already married. However, that was all BS because of this. The two are waiting for the prenup to be finalized, according to sources. The prenuptial agreement should be all hashed out no later than next Wednesday. Once the two celebs sign the dotted line, the KimYe wedding will be a go! “Cause when she leaves yo’ a*s, she gon’ leave with half!”

(Photos) Kim K To Get 1 Million For Every Year Of Marriage, If She Ever Splits With Yeezy?!

With their Parisian wedding coming up, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in the final stages of their prenup. According to the contract, Kimmy K will get 1 million dollars for every year of marriage, if she splits with Yeezy. To read more, click below.

NBA: Raymond Felton’s Estranged Wife Wants Prenup Thrown Out & More!

We learned last week that Raymond Felton’s wife wants a divorce because he’s allegedly been cheating on her — with numerous people.  Well now we have a couple details on what she wants in the divorce.  Hit the jump for details…

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Prenup Is Not About Money But To Include A Second Baby?

With the couple’s wedding set to happen in Paris this May, Kimye had their lawyers square away a few details of their prenuptial agreement. According to a source for OK! Magazine, “Money doesn’t seem to be the issue,” but possible a “second baby clause” is.

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