(Video) Kaylin Garcia Discusses Relationship With Raqi Thunda

Kaylin Garcia continues her sit-down with Vlad TV, this time speaking on her strained relationship with Love & Hip-Hop co-star, Raqi Thunda. She also touches on Raqi’s fight with Joe Budden, and briefly discusses the Joe/Cons fight at the L&HH reunion.

(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 10]

Missed the latest episode of ‘Love & Hip-Hop’? Too much went on so take this chance to catch up. Basically, Erica fights to get Rich back with some big curls and sexy lingerie, but a secret is revealed to Olivia that may stir up some new drama. Tahiry plans to head to Dominican Republic for a meaningful trip and is happy and surprised by Joe’s big support. Raqi goes to see Joe to fix their friendship but he throws her a curveball. Yandy and Mendeecees make a big and exciting decision. Crazy episode, check out the footage below!

(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 9]

Missed last night’s episode of Love & Hip-Hop? Then you missed Lore’l and Cons trying to do a record together, Raqi and Rashidah going at it, Joe helping Tahiry, Rich messing with Erica. Lots of good stuff! Fortunately, we got for you in full below!

IFWT Wishes Raqi Thunda Of Love And Hip Hop A Happy Birthday

Raqi Thunda has made quite a name for herself this year on the newest season of Love and Hip Hop: New York, but today it’s not about that. We here at IFWT wanted send a special Birthday Shout out to Raqi Thunda! Enjoy it Mama.

Consequence Makes Track Aimed At Raqi Thunda; Raqi Goes In On Twitter

What’s Love & Hip-Hop without the DRAMA? Nothing at all, so we’re all loving watching it unfold between so many of the castmastes. Today’s spotlight is on rapper Consequence and DJ/radio personality Raqi Thunda, as the two have traded jabs on wax (Cons) and then on Twitter (Raqi) following last night’s episode. Below, listen to Cons’ track “Looka Here Baby” for the shots toward Raqi, and then you can check out Raq’s hilarious response in the gallery.

(Video) Love & Hip-Hop [Season 3; Episode 6]

Tonight was one of the juiciest nights yet on season 3 of Love & Hip-Hop! Fights galore between Joe Budden’s ex Tahiry and current girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, Lore’l and former friend Winter, Mandeecees and Yandy’s cousin (over a racy pic) and more! Watch the episode in full below.

(Video) Raqi Thunda Spills The Beans About Joe Budden Chockin’ Her Out Off That Molly

I mean, how many times…??? Raqi Thunda sits down and goes over another rendition of how Joey put them “paws” on her. Joe admitted to being off molly the whole summer prior to the show being aired, so now she needs to express her emotions on it all. Raqi says that his strength was like the “Hulk”. Well duh, crack will do that to you. You know how they say you won’t catch a crack-head in a foot-race? Drop down bottom and check it out.

#BlackRicanJew Talks To Jen The Pen & Of Course She Slams Raqi Thunda !!!

Were they really friends? Jen & her husband takes seeking the right verbiage to the extreme to explain the situation between Jen The Pen and Raqi “The Racoon” Thunda. Jen basically, feels as though she was acting like a ‘hoe’ with her set-up interview by Ebro, with Vado. Jen is on her Teyana Taylor, because she says she wants you to “Google Her” and then Google Raqi. It should be self explanatory. Why is this chick even co-signing what Raqi has to say…Will you or will you not get a job because you’re “white”? Annoying! They all need to have a seat. Drop down bottom to hear Jen’s side.

(Video) Consequence Talks To #BlackRicanJew, Apologizes To Kim K, & Clears Up The Teeth Rumors

I want Jen the Pen to shut UP! After running into Joe Budden, Consequence TRIES to talk to Rosenberg about the friendship they “Use To” share. Pusha T recently came on the morning show did a freestyle and then slammed Cons on twitter about his teeth and other things. Cons needs to clear the air about that, his teeth, the rumors that Raqi “The Racoon” Thunda has been spreading, and apologizes to Kim K. Drop down bottom and hear the explanations.

(Video) Raqi Thunda Says That Consequence Needs To Keep His B***H On A Leash

Consequence went on air to put a few people on blast. Kanye West and Raqi Thunda just to name a few. Cons and his girl Jen “The Pen” expressed their dislike for Raqi the most. Raqi says that they both were on some b***h s**t. Drama on deck. Let’s see where this goes. Drop down bottom and check it out.

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