Teen Killed After Girl Sneaks Him In Her House

17-year-old Jordan Middleton was shot and killed after a 14-year-old girl let him in the home. The girl’s father killed Middleton upon thinking he was a burglar. olumbia County Sheriff’s Office reportedly found Middleton dead at about 2:50 a.m. after they were alerted of a burglary in progress.

(Photo) Company Makes Awful Kim Kardashian Robbery Costume

People make a joke out of everything nowadays. Things that are not even funny. Kim Kardashian recently got robbed at gun point. Instead of feeling for Kim, people are making jokes out of it. One company took the joke entirely too far as they made a costume out of the situation.

(Video) Dumb Thief Takes Selfie In Victim’s Home By Mistake!

The Coonery and f**kery continues now. A crazy robber broke into a home and basically sold himself out. The theif too a selfie in victum’s home by mistake! Wow.

(Caught On Tape) LOL! MMA Fighter Surprises A Group Of Men Trying To Rob A Store Clerk!!

This video comes straight out of a movie. A group of men attempted to rob a Houston store clerk, but got MUCH more than they bargained for when another employee of that very same store came to the clerk’s aid. By the way, did we mention that the other employee happened to be a trained MMA fighter. See what happened next after the jump.

(Caught On Tape) OK!! In-Shape Grandmother Tackles Robber And Retrieves Her Stolen Wallet!!

64-year-old Shirley Rupp is one tough woman. Don’t let her age fool you. While kneeling down near a Subway in Tuscon, Arizona, one man decided to take her purse and it was all caught on tape. At first, it seemed as if the man would get away, but the older woman wasn’t having it. She chased him down and tackled him before he got too far. During the scuffle, she even managed to get her wallet out of the purse. Check out what Rupp had to say after the jump.

(Video) Robber Apologizes And Wishes A Merry Christmas After Stealing From Gas Station!

A thief with a conscious, decided to rob a gas station but could not leave without apologizing or wishing the employee season’s greetings! Hit the jump for more!

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