The Coonery and f**kery continues now. A crazy robber broke into a home and basically sold himself out. The theif too a selfie in victum’s home by mistake! Wow.

The wonders will never cease with this generation. It really appears like this generation is getting dumber and dumber.Of course, people can just never live in peace. Random low lives always want to steal their joy. This story has a bit of a twist though. The thief actually gets his share of the pie. In Los Angeles, a random robber decided to break in. A beautiful home was just sitting properly in Los Angeles, CA.

The robber stole the victim’s Iphone and by mistake activated the video application. The video caught the thief red handed in his mischievous activity. The camera captured him standing dead beat in the victim’s living room. Also get this, The robber completed the task and fled the scene. Their was multiple people still in the house when this happened!

Three people were in the house when this incident occurred. It’s shocking that he got away with this. So happy that the robber got a slap back in the face and justice will be served. We have no time for sticky fingers in these wish washy times.

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