(Video) LL Cool J: I Introduced the Term GOAT, But You Tell Me I’m Not the GOAT?

In the latest episode of Complex‘s Magnum Opus, the “Ladies Love” Hip Hop legend goes in on the effects of living in the hood, when he first fell in love with Hip Hop and the incredible story of the “Rock the Bells” track. With timeless interview footage from Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, Bill Adler and more, the icon hits on some sharp notes, saying: I Introduced the Term GOAT, But You Tell Me I’m Not the GOAT?!

Curren$y Goes Over His Feelings On Lil Snupe’s Death, Dame Dash, Pilot Talk & MORE!

Curren$y has built a brand for himself, and it’s one that is working very well. The Jet Life/Pilot series has been a bombing business. Where the, Bales rapper is now, is exactly where he wants to be. Curren$y holds a pretty lengthy conversation with Hip-Hop DX and talks about his friendship with Wiz Khalifa and being the God-Father to, ‘The Bash’, Rock-the-Bells performances and how he felt about Lil Snupe’s passing. “That fucked me up,” Curren$y remissness’s. “He came to New Orleans and hung out with me…He’d get one of his homies to drive him out here, and we’d hang out.” A friendship was built. Spitta admits that he’d only new Snupe for a short period of time, but what he saw in Snupe, he saw in himself when he was that age. Now, with a progressing empire, Curren$y can only see the minor downfalls of his connecting with YMCMB and Dame Dash in that past. He’s moved on and it was all for the better. Hit the jump and check out this and more.

NY & DC “Rock The Bells” Dates CANCELLED…Here’s Why!

This really saddens me. Not only is Rock The Bells an awesome experience of true hip-hop, but this year was the 10th anniversary, and it included the holograms of both Eazy-E and ODB. How could the ticket sales be so poor, especially in hip-hop’s birth place?! Unfortunately such is the case, and the folks behind RTB were forced to cancel not only the NY dates but the Washington D.C. dates as well. Below is a statement from Guerilla Union founder/owner Chang Weisberg regarding the cancellation. Hopefully next year is better.

Wu-Tang Clan Member Says They Are Going To Remake Drake’s ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ Track???

U-God revealed in his latest interview that he and a couple of other Wu-Tang Clan members are in the works of renovating Drakes “Wu-Tang Forever” track, Hit the jump for more detail!

(Video) SO Dope!! Easy E Back As Hologram At Rock The Bells 2013!!!

WOW, This is beyond DOPE!! Tupac was in Hologram form last year, But Now one of the west coast OG’s has made an appearance. Mad official too, Dj Yella brought him out, he did some classics and performed with Bone-Thugs!

Krayzie Bone Reacts To Layzie Bone’s Decision To Depart From Bone Thugs-N-Harmony???

In a recent interview with HipHopDx Krayzie Bone expressed his feelings towards Layzie Bone’s announcement last week, on his departure from the Grammy award winning hip hop group. Krayzie Bone expressed that although he was not surprised of the announcement he will always support Layzie Bone no matter what! Hit the jump for more details!

(Video) Check Out The Rock The Bells Press Conference Live For Special Guest Announcements!

With the Rock The Bells Hip-Hop festival just a few weeks away, tonight via a live press conference stream a few huge surprise guests will be announced. Don’t forget to check it out live tonight after the jump!

Eazy-E’s Son Speaks On A Hologram Of His Dad

Many people are outraged about the upcoming Eazy-E hologram, but not his son! Lil Eazy is not only really excited about the hologram appearance, but also plans on having a party to celebrate the occasion. Lil E thinks the Rock the Bells holgram will be a great way to honor his dad, especially since it will be taking place on what would have been his 50th birthday. Lil E hasn’t announce whether or not he will be onstage during the performance. More below.

Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s Widow Issues Cease and Desist Letter To Rock The Bells Organizer

Earlier we reported Eazy-E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard would be performing at Rock The Bells, however his widow, Icelene Jones, who happens to be the administrator of his estate says she did not sign off on that. As administrator of his estate she owns the rights to his likeness, lyrics, and performances, and she says nobody at Rock The Bells contacted her about the hologram performance. Icelene Jones says she’s upset that nobody contacted her directly about the use of her husbands likeness, and she will be talking with Wu-Tang about this incident and coming up with a positive solution to bring her husband back to the stage. Hopefully they can get it together because seeing Ol’ Dirty once more on stage would be legendary for hip hop. Hit the jump for more.

Eazy-E & Ol’ Dirty Bastard Will Perform As Holograms At Rock The Bells

Eazy-E and Ol’ Dirty Bastard are performing for the first time since their deaths, as holograms. Promoters for “Rock the Bells” claim a “virtual” Eazy and a “virtual” ODB will perform at the show in September and October. AllHipHop.com says, “hologram Eazy will perform with a living, breathing Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and O.D.B. will perform with members of the Wu Tang Clan.” And of course, the family members of both parties have signed off and agreed to this. Interesting!

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