Blue Balls: Man Jumps To Frozen Car Roof In His Underwear To Stop Thief

They are calling it a Bruce Willis like stunt…actually they’re saying it’s something he wouldn’t be able to handle! Anyway, these winter days are getting pretty cold-hearted, those for the weak, wake, and weary. Good thing this guy was awake to stop somebody from stealing his car in the middle of the night in 0 degree weather. Hit the jump.

(Photos) Joey Meek, Friend Of Dylann Roof, Arrested By FBI

After watching the countless interviews that friends of Dylann Roof conducted after his slaying of the Charleston 9, many of us wondered why some of them haven’t been taken into custody since it was apparent that they had information that could have helped stop the murders. Today, the FBI arrested Joey Meek, one of Roof’s friends that did several in-depth interviews about the murders.

(Photos) Dylan Roof Pleads Not Guilty To Hate Crime Charges

I guess it isn’t too surprising that Dylan Roof, the mass murderer of the #Charleston9, pleaded not guilty to the federal hate crime charges that he is facing. Reports are indicating that Roof and his lawyer are waiting to see if the death penalty is going to be an option.

(Photo+Video) US Marshals Employees Caught Having Sex On The Roof Of Federal Building

Talk about giving zero f*cks! A couple of employees of the US Marshals Service were caught in the act of having sex on the roof of a Pennsylvania federal building. The couple were caught by a nearby resident of an apartment who snapped photos of the couple and sent them to news local organization, WHTM-TV who in turn reported them to authorities. Get all the details and photos after the jump.

(Photos) Dylann Roof, Charleston Church Terrorist, Gets $1Million Bail For Gun Charge

Before we jump to conclusions, his $1million bail that was set is strictly for the weapon he used to murder the 9 victims at the AME Church in Charleston. According to written law, the magistrate overseeing the bond hearing is not allowed to issue bail for the murders.

(Photos) Brooklyn Boy Falls Four Stories To His Death After Leaping The Roof!

A young Brooklyn boy, Tyhreek Riley, 15, falls four stories to his death while he was trying to leap to the roof of an adjacent building. Check out the photos of Tyhreek in the gallery and read more on the story below!

Rihanna Fearing For Her Safety Because Of What?

Last week, an intruder was found and arrested at Rihanna’s L.A. home, roaming around on the singer’s rooftop while she was away in London. Fearing for her safety (as anyone would!) Rih took Robert Melanson to court and has gotten a temporary restraining order against him. He is ordered to stay 100 yards clear of Rihanna, her house and her place of business. The singer will attempt to make the restraining order permanent on July 10th.

#Sad – Boy Who Threw A 9-Year-Old Off Of A 5 Story Building Said “It Was An Accident”

This is truly a sad story. Casmine Aska, 17 dangled 9-year-old Freddy Martin from a five story building in the Bronx and then dropped him. Before losing consciousness, Freddy was able to tell EMTs, “Cas dragged me to the roof and threw me off — I don’t know why.” Freddy is currently on life support and remains in a medically induced coma with collapsed lungs, a broken leg, arm and ribs. Who knows if he’ll bounce back, but I really hope so. I mean this kid was 17, he had to know what he was doing. How much of an accident could it have been? Drop down bottom for more.

(PHOTO) NBA: Inspirational?! Jay-Z Admiring the Barclays Center From A Crazy View!

Jay-Z post this dope pic on his website over the weekend and I thought it was so dope!  I think Hov has got to have the greatest success story in the history of hip hop and this pic of him admiring his accomplishment in Brooklyn is just so motivating. #HelloBrooklyn It’s titled, “No Ceilings” and the caption says, “On the roof at 560 State St. Words can’t describe.” Check it out & let us know what you think… GameTimeGirl

MLB: Fan Hit By Stray Bullet at Rays-Marlins Game

Sabrina B. Charles Sweatt, police chief of the small town of Parker in the Florida Panhandle, was in attendance at Tropicana Field on June 16 for the Rays game against the Marlins, when he felt something sting his leg. 

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