(Mug Shot) NFL: Bucs WR Mike Williams’ Brother Surrenders in Stabbing

Sunday night Buccaneers WR Mike Williams was hospitalized after being stabbed in the thigh.  A warrant was issued for his brother and now he’s turned himself in.  Hit the jump for details on what’s being said happened…

*Updated* NFL: Bucs WR Stabbed; Warrant Issued For His Brother

Buccaneers WR Mike Williams was hospitalized after being stabbed in the thigh yesterday in his Tampa home.  His brother is reportedly the one that stabbed him.  SMH.  Hit the jump for details…

(Video/Photos) SMH! Man Murders Boss Over Photo Being Uploaded Without Permission

There has to be something in the water in Florida, they are stone cold Crazy down there…Maybe the heat is just frying brains. 42 Year old Fla. man, Tilus Lebrun, wasn’t happy about some picture being uploaded to the internet, and went off in a rage slicing up his boss in front of 20 or so witnesses….

Mary J. Blige’s Father In Critical Condition After Getting Stabbed In The Neck By Ex-Girlfriend

Mary J Blige’s father, Thomas Blige, is currently being treated in Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan after his ex-girlfriend stabbed him in the neck. The former lover of the 63-year-old has been arrested for assault with the intent to murder after leaving Blige in critical condition. The police were called to an apartment complex at 6:58 AM when they discovered the R&B songstress’ father with three stab wounds from his ex. Apparently the dispute started when Blige saw his 50-year-old ex girlfriend deflating the tires on his Ford SUV (CRAZY B*TCH ALERT). However, this is not the first domestic violence run-in with the law these two have had. The authorities confirmed there has been a total of seven calls regarding domestic disputes amongst the two on-again, off-again lovers. What a mess!

Two Arrested In Indiana University Stabbing?!

After a campus fight early this morning led to the stabbing of one student, students were urged to take cover as officials searched for the culprit(s), hit the jump for more!

NBA: Trash Talk Goes Wrong! 3 People Stabbed Arguing Over LeBron vs. Jordan

My goodness people, it’s not that serious!  I love a good debate and enjoy when people are passionate about who/what they believe in, but stabbing over it?!  Nahhhh mannnn. SMH. Oh and of course alcohol was involved. Three people were stabbed after an argument started & escalated over the whole LeBron vs. Jordan debate. Details after the jump…

MLB: Dodger Fan Stabbed To Death After Dodgers-Giants Game

This violence at sporting events has to stop.  What the f*ck could have been so serious that a fan was stabbed & killed?!?!  Geez-us.  C’mon people. SMH. Report after the jump…

Nevada Mother and Child Found Stabbed To Death In Apartment???

Nevada police officials are investigating a scene where a mother and son were found fatally stabbed, hit the jump for more details!

So Sad: Woman Kidnapped, Forced To Withdraw Cash, Then Stabbed To Death.

The woman shown above is Amy Lord, and this is most likely the last photo of her before she was brutally murdered. Hit the jump for more details on this tragedy.

WTF?! Kid Celebrates 21st Birthday By Stabbing Homeless Man 70 Times??

Pretty crazy to say the least. Usually (for a guy) on your 21st birthday your father, uncle, or crew takes you out for drinks. Sometimes it even pans out like a bachelor party if you’re lucky. But for some reason, Dale Wakefield decided to stab a homeless man –who’s also an army vet– over 70 times.

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