(Video) Taco Bell Employee Gets Beat Up By Impatient Customer

One Taco Bell customer was fairly impatient as he beat up the cashier for taking too long with his order. In the video, we can hear the heated customer say he has been waiting for his food for too long. The customer and the employee then heads towards the door as the employee actually leads the way to let the man out. I guess this wasn’t really the smartest move.

(Video) Taco Bell Employee Beats Man For Using Racial Slur

A Taco Bell employee got into an altercation with a man after he addressed him by using a racial slur.

Chipotle Drops In 2016 Rankings

Can I get a burrito bowl with white rice and black beans? The popular Chipotle fast food mexican restaurant, has dropped from it’s number one spot in the polls. Not even placing it the top four against competitors.

(Photos) Just Like Us: KimYe Hit Taco Bell With The Munchies

Kanye West may be on of the most famous rappers in the world, and Kim Kardashian may be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reality stars in the world – with an amazing body to boot – but guess what? They’re just like us, and love them some Taco Bell every now and then too! KimYe were spotted at the drive-thru of a Los Angeles Taco Bell over the weekend, and Kanye looked pretty darn pleased with his food choices. Check out more pics of their munchies run in the gallery.

(Video) Taco Bell Makes Statement for Leaked “Gay” Ad

Taco Bell Makes Statement for Leaked “Gay” Ad after a gay-themed television commercial went viral on Youtube and internet blogs last week. What everyone was wondering is did the fast food chain REALLY create this? The million dollar company had a very interesting response.

(Photos) You’ll Never Believe Where Kim Kardashian Was Spotted Eating!

Kim Kardashian is a super classy gal who likes to wine and dine at the most expensive restaurants all over the world. HOWEVER, she’s also a regular person just like the rest of us simple folk. Kimmy Cakes was spotted getting her grub on at… *drum roll please*…. Taco Bell! After a hot date with Yeezy at a movie theater in Calabassas, Kim just needed a chalupa in her life. Yum!

(Video) Caught On Tape: Live Rat Found In Taco Bell Soda Fountain

Man, this is disgusting, a live rat crawling around inside a soda fountain, Ewwww! We don’t even know how many people drank out of there with this creature rolling around.

(Photos) Beware: Taco Bell Forced Workers To Give Out Fake Money!

Say What??! Talk about “thinking outside the bun”! According to a new lawsuit, two Taco Bells in Manhattan forced underage workers into giving customers fake $20 Bills as change! Aint that some ish?!. The suit is being filed by the mother of the young employee who claims her daughter is distraught after being manipulated into distrubiting fake money! The class action lawsuit will demand 5 million in damages. Check your change before you leave the store and also check out the details!

(Video) Charlie Sheen Is Totally, “Hammered” During A Late Night Taco Bell Run

Charlie Sheen may know how to get under a person’s skin with his antics, but he also knows how to let loose and have a grand ol’ time. Taking a page from my book, Charlie goes on a late night Taco Bell run while completely plastered or in his words, “f**kin’ hammered.” The Anger Management actor approaches a car in the fast food joints’ drive-thru and shows off the tattoos on his chest. This guy is classic – LOL! Check out Charlie down bottom

Fast Food Employees Dish On The #1Item You Should Never Order From These Establishments!

The latest Reddit questionnaire will make you rethink the guilty midnight or occasional indulgences you may dip into when say there’s a McDonald’s, Hot Dog Truck, or even my personal sinful treat Starbucks around! Fast Food employees and Restaurant workers have confessed to some of the worst things you could order from their work place, check out their responses below.

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