Tech Talk Crazy!: Man Gets Interactive Gaming Tattoo!!

I mean this is taking it to the next level! A man got a tattoo of one of those A.R. playing cards that comes with the Nintendo 3DS on hiss wrist, and it works(as long as he’s in the right light)! But You have to see the video for yourself!! @TatWZA

(Check The Pic!!!) Check out what Miley Cyrus Twitpic’d!!!!

Miley twitpic’s this photo to her followers…she talks about the pig tales, but I don’t think that’s the first thing you notice! @Ash_Bankz

How Young Is Too Young For A Tattoo????

Well I would more than assume that 3 years old is waaaaayyy tooo young for a tattoo!!!! A man from Georgia, Eugene Ashley, tatted his 3 year old son with the letters “DB” (meaning: Daddy’s Boy) on the kid’s shoulder, which seems like it was produced by the people who make Etch-A-Sketch!!! @Ash_Bankz

(Photo) Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Amber’s Name

Mannn Amber’s out here winning. LOL idk what she does to these guys but she gets ’em good! Hit the jump for a pic of the tattoo. @MarisaMendez

(Photo) Yung LA Tattoos a Duck on His Face

I could change one letter in the word duck and this would be even more funny than it already is. LMAO!! In a recently posted vid, rapper Yung LA gets a duck tatted on his face (smh) and goes on to talk about things such as his upcoming mixtape…as well as the fact the he’s been dropped from Grand Hustle (shocker). You can check out the video after the jump. @MarisaMendez

Mister Cartoon Invades NYC x Tattoo Tour

The nicest Tattoo artist by far is invading NYC for a Tour… Need to get tattoo… more info after the jump… @DjJuanyto

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