(Photos) “Gangsta Pimp” Ron Newt Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Empire

The amount might seem a little cartoon-ish but this might actually be something: “Gangsta Pimp” Ron Newt Files Billion Dollar Lawsuit Against Empire for allegedly stealing his life story. What makes his accusations different from any other? He’s accusing Terrence Howard, Lee Daniels and others affiliated with the show for basically copy-and-pasting characters, situations and the plot of what was his reality based documentary—which they knew about. Seems ‘iffy’ but when you look at the alleged #facts…it’s mighty close!!!

Oh My: Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Is Allegedly Blackmailing Him With Naked Pics & Videos!

Actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife Michelle have been publicly feuding for the longest now. It seems like everyday, more and more drama between these two is going down. After Michelle recently made it very clear that she wants a nice big cut of Howard’s Empire check, she now apparently is blackmailing her ex-hubby with naked photos and videos of him. Sources reveal that some of the photos are of Howard naked in the shower, but there are apparently many, many more. Legally, all Michelle is really entitled to is half a year’s worth of spousal support since technically the marriage only lasted a year but she’s trying to blackmail her way into a bigger check. Hey– can we really blame her?!

Oh Boy – Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Wants Her Cut Of That “Empire” Check

When divorcing a star goes wrong – for the star. Cookie Lyon is not the only ex digging in the jar owed finances. Terrence Howard’s real-life ex-wife, Michelle Howard wants her cut of that “Empire” check as well. Michelle, who already gets $5,800 is spousal support, is looking to gain about $65,000 more – thanks to the FOX hit television show. When they split, the two Howards agreed that Michelle would get 21% of ANYTHING that Terrence made over $62,500 during the first three months of 2015. Hmm, let’s just say at $125,000 an episode with three episodes filmed this year, Michelle is looking for her slice of the empire pie. But … let’s not forget Terrence has another show hitting FOX – “Wayward Pines“. Bet she can’t wait to sink her claws into that one. Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson Disagree On Using N Word On Empire

The producers and Director Lee Daniels may have wanted Empire to break out of the mold and push buttons on issues in the black community, but the latest issue has opinions split way deeper than the two main stars. What’s really going on as Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson Disagree On Using N Word On Empire???

Lee Daniels Says Oprah & Common Are Planned To Appear On Empire Season 2!?

Lee Daniels has announced that Oprah & Common are planned to appear on Empire Season 2. Read more on the story below!

(Video) NBA: Terrence Howard Says He Doesn’t Know Who Iman Shumpert Is After Iman Allegedly Dissed “Empire”

Terrence Howard is lying his ass off, but I will get back to that in a minute. Earlier this week reports surfaced that Iman Shumpert told a reporter the Fox hit “Empire” is ripping off from him and his girl Teyana Taylor. He allegedly claimed two characters on the show are direct copies of him and TT, as well as their style. Shump has since said he didn’t say that and a reporter purposely twisted his words. Regardless, someone caught up with Howard to ask him how he felt, and he claimed he didn’t even know who Shumpert was, but it seemed more like shade than sincere.

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