(Video) Teacher Removed From Class After Calling Student A Terrorist

The family of a 12-year-old boy is requesting for his teacher to be fired after she called the boy a ‘terrorist.’ While at at First Colony Middle School, Waleed Abushaaban and his friends were watching the movie ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ when the teacher made the remark.

(Photos) Dylann Roof Fed Burger King After His Arrest!

Of course, after this crazy lunatic killed nine innocent souls in a church building his actions are being “rewarded”. It’s f***ed up to see how the society we live in operates. Dylann Roof was pampered and fed Burger King after his arrest! Smh.

(Video) Families Of Victims Confront Charleston Terrorist At Bond Hearing

Okay.. so by now everyone has to know about the devastating attack that occurred to innocent church members in Charleston. Nine namazing human being were murdered by a racist terrorist. Yesterday, the terrorist was caught and shown to all audiences. In the terrorist bond hearing, the families of victims were able to confront the Charleston terrorist.

(Photos) Dylann Roof’s Uncle Said He’ll Execute Him Himself!

The world awaits to hear every single detail following up the recent tragedy that shook up South Carolina. 21 year old Dylan Roof has officially been taken into custody and already sat and was seen by a judge. The problem most American’s are having around the world is the down play of the severity in this incident. A few members of the killers family have decided to speak out and you won’t believe what his uncle had to say.

(Photos) Dylann Roof, Charleston Church Terrorist, Gets $1Million Bail For Gun Charge

Before we jump to conclusions, his $1million bail that was set is strictly for the weapon he used to murder the 9 victims at the AME Church in Charleston. According to written law, the magistrate overseeing the bond hearing is not allowed to issue bail for the murders.

Man Killed By Boston PD Allegedly Part Of Ad Hoc Terror Network

Police and federal agents in Boston shot and killed a man earlier today after he waved a large military-style knife at officers, and sources are now reporting that he was part of a broader terror investigation involving suspected Islamist extremists being tracked by the U.S. Joint Terrorism Task Force, and belonged to an ad hoc terror network. The suspect was identified as Usaama Rahim, according to his brother, Ibrahim Rahim, who posted about the death on Facebook. In his post, he wrote that his brother was shot three times in the back, and that he was on the phone with their father. A Boston police officer as well as a federal agent both opened fire, and the shooting is under investigation.

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